Neurologists in So. California?

I am switching ins and wondering if anyone can recommend some good neurologists? I found dr. mark Linskey in Irvine, calif. he was recommended in the book, “Striking Back”. I am not sure if going to Wisconsin is an option for me. Thank you.

If you can’t get to Michigan , to the longest running TN surgeon… Then look up above at the DOCTORS tab…read thru there… Maybe not in California , but closer…?

I will be emailing you soon. : )

Plus two things in that book.

MVD surgery has improved odds since that book was written, AND have to see if those listed in the book are still practicing. It still is the number one book to go to!

Hi Kc,
Thank you for your response. I can’t believe, that just over a month ago, I had a very healthy normal life. Then wham! I love the book striking back. I am curious about a sentence, " Face pains related to nerve injuries, such as trauma or surgery, are generally not helped by any of the above surgeries. (MVD included). I fell 4 years ago and fractured my cheekbone and have a scar on my cornea. All on the right side. Would this be considered trauma? Could the MVD still help me? The dr. I mentioned is on the doctor list. I think I will get new ins in Jan and hook up with the team of neurologists at the UC irvine hospital. So many decisions to make.

I think that is a 1994 scenario.

Many have fallen and gotten TN… Mine came from whiplash…

There is now a fiesta MRI and another type …that can see compressions… Not in every hospital by a long shot… Verrrry few can see the compression, and only way to do this is patient story, symptoms, open up!

I just emailed you!

Did you see Dr. Linskey? I am in the process of scheduling my MVD with him. I am looking for advice on preparing for this surgery. I hope you are doing well!

Kp, I am scheduled for MVD with Dr. Linskey on July 10 and am also looking for advice on preparing for the surgery. Have you already scheduled your MVD?