Neurologist in Ottawa Canada?

Does anyone know of a good Neuro in Ottawa Canada?

Mine just cancelled on me and apparently this is a common practice with this office.

Thanks for your help.

Check on the Doctors tab at the top of your page, there may be one listed there. If not, I hope someone on here knows one for you. Good luck!

Thanks, I checked there and nothing for my area.

Oh no! I hope someone else on here sees your post. If you don't get anymore answers by tomorrow, go back to this post and reply to it with the word "bump" and it will bring your post back to the 1st page and give it a chance to be seen again. :-)

I live in Ottawa and would be happy to talk about my process of diagnosis.
I have Geniculate Neuralgia.

Let me know

Hi smashagnome, I would love to hear about it. Thanks

I sent a friend request. I will send you a pm when accepted.

Ok done.