Neurologist in Georgia

I would like to add the name of Dr. Joseph Hormes in Marietta, Georgia
I just saw him yesterday, but he listened to me for an hour, and was kind and compassionate. I had already concluded, through my own research , that I had TN, and he was more than willing to listen to me, instead of dismissing as me, as the previous doctor I had seen did.
I am adding his name to list mainly because there are no doctors in Georgia on this group, and I hope someone may benefit from this.

I have added Dr. Hormes to our listing. However there is one other doctor in Georgia, in Atlanta. Please note that our Doctors tab has two sub-tabs: one for recommending a doctor, and the other the compiled master listing.

Thanks for the recommendation,

Regards, Red

I saw a Pain Specialist named Randy F. Rizor. He is amazing and specializes in non-opiate pain management. It would be great to add him to the list for GA. He is rated as one of the top 10% in his specialty and one of the top doctors in Atlanta. He is located at the intersection of 400 and 285. Thanks.

Carol Anne, do you know the name of the practice center where Rizor works? I can add him to our recommended list.


I no longer want to add him to the list. He is a good doctor, but I believe my problems have out grown him. I am searching hard for a good one that can/will listen and help me. I will add him when I find him.