Neurodegenerative disease

I’m watching Dateline and it’s talking about THCA and CBD oil helping nuerodegerative disease. Is TN included in that?

That is interesting, I’ll have to pull that up and watch it. IMHO TN and ATN and all the other facial pains are nuerodegenerative diseases, but there is no proof of that from what I have seen. Normal nerves don’t freak out when they have a compression, and they have the capacity to heal and regenerate myelin.

I’ve been experimenting with vaping a sativa strain that is roughly half CBD and half THC. It doesn’t take the pain away, but it takes the edge off of it for a while, much like percocet does for me.

I’ve heard good and bad. From my own experience, I tried CBD oil in capsules, and also just as raw oil under the tongue… even baked into things. It didn’t even touch my TN pain. I also didn’t get any extra time between attacks, so from my perspective, it didn’t help at all.

I’ve heard of folks that it worked well for though. I guess it’s one of those things; give it a try and you might have good luck! You wont br losing anything by trying…

TN has attacked me for 8 years. I am always looking for an answer to alleviate my pain other then MVD. I have found that CBD oil sprayed into my mouth has provided relief. Vaporized MJ has helped and lately shots of vitamin B12 has sent me into remission. Some acupuncture has also provided relief. My assessment is that if you find the approach you will have the ability to withstand a greater amount of pain if you know that you have a technique to stop it. SO GO FIND YOUR TECHNIQUE.