Neuro stim

So tomorrow I get treatment 5 of 5 of neuro stim and I am off my meds and almost pain free. This has been amazing. I don’t know if it works for naturally occurring TN or the kind caused by damage to the nerve, but it WORKED! I am pain free 99% of the time! I got my life back and I am so glad to be alive.

What exactly is this? Thanx

Oh ya forget to mention how happy it makes me to hear how good you are feeling!!! Amazing!!

its a strange little contraption. there are 4 electrodes that go in your earlobe - but not that much, less than 1/4 inch. there is a batter pack/brain that gets taped to your neck/behind your ear. you wear it for 5 days and then throw away and get a new one on weekly.

its an annoying little gadget - you cant get it wet which means not washing your hair and it looks funny. it cycles through 2 hours - 2 hours on and 2 hours off you get little shocks 24 hours a day for 5 days. my first one was painful, wasn't sure I would make it through the 5 times, but I am THRILLED with the results. it also isn't fun ripping the tape out of my hair when I remove it, but if it works, I would do every week for the rest of my life! I was on tegretol and narcotics and now I don't have to take either. its worth looking into.

its NSS - nuero-stim system. there is not a lot of information out on the internet, but it seems kind of like a TENS unit, except its on your ear. I guess they can be implanted too, but mine was mostly external.

What kind of Dr did it

Actually my pain management dr did. Takes like 2 minutes to get hooked up and good to go. Took a couple weeks to feel like anything was working, but now I’m really glad I tried.

Interesting, glad it worked for you.

Was each treatment 5 days? So it took a total of 25 days and you have no pain anymore?

I have no pain. I am wearing my 5th and final device, and I am hoping the results last. I have no idea if it is long term, or temporary, or if I will have another episode in another year. all I know for sure is this episode only lasted 2 months this time. I would wear this device every week for the rest of my life if I had to. Its annoying and can be uncomfortable to sleep with, but I have no pain. NO PAIN. I would suggest asking your doctors, just in case it can work for you too. My pain management doctor has been putting them on a lot of people and it seems to be working. and there are no side effects.

hi Lynn and thanks for the update! great to hear you are doing well.

Do you think you can give some more info on the device? maybe a picture?

All i found was this, but they dont have a picture of the device: and



omg i am such a noob, this forum is filled with posts about pns. sorry i am new here.

For Jennifer:

One thing that i like to ask though, it seems after a successful trial of the "over the skin" pns unit they usually go ahead and permanently implant the pns, but in your case you are saying that you only had 5 sessions with the over the skin pns and then no permanent implants? is this a new thing? because from my understanding the pain relief is only there as long ans the pns unit is on. Am i mistaken?