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Call Dr. Kim's office and ask to set an appt with Dr. A. Madan....she is the neuro I saw at his office....She was GREAT.....I didn't deal with her all that much because I was ready for surgery, but she was very patient and really listened to my concerns...:)


I know I'm reviving an old thread here but I'm in desperate need of a good Neurologist in Houston. We're going to see Dr. Kim for Neurosurgery but they suggested we see a neurologist first.

I'm looking for a Neurologist who specializes in TN or face pain. We're on the NE side of town but don't mind driving if it's for the best doctor.


Jon Winters


Dr.Dong Kim is the BEST ever....I would use the Neuro in his group...I can't remember her name, but just call Dr. Kim's office and they will tell you....I didn't deal with her much because I decided to have surgery so fast. Praying you get good results. If you have any questions, please contact me...God BLess...


I called Dr Kim's office and was told that his entire group is comprised of Neurosurgeons. The folks there suggested we seek out a Neurologist for treatment before and after any surgical procedures. Here are the names we were given. It doesn't look like any of them are TN specialists.

Dr. Thai Nguyen, MD (female)
Dr. Suur Biliciler, MD (female)
Dr. Parveen Athar, MD (female)
Dr. Kazim Sheikh, MD (male)
Any experience, good or bad, would be appreciated. We've seen many neurologists who have no experience with TN. I don't want to repeat that costly mistake.


I will get my paperwork out and look up her name.....It will be later this evening as I will be away from my house for awhile today....Hang in there ;)


Thank you Cheryl. I found another to add to the list. He has a page about TN on his web site and mentions that he has had TN patients and read books on the topic.

Dr. Brian D. Loftus M.D.


Do NOT use Brian Loftus !!!!!!! I am going to look for the name of the good one I used....Will get back with in a little while....


The name I have written down is Dr. Madan...I only saw her 1 time because I decided to have the MVD surgery...Florencia Leyton is the best contact person at the office. The number I have is 713-■■■■■■■■...If you have any more ??s I will be glad to call for you....Let me know how things go for you....


Stay away from Brian Loftus! I wasted a year there and then he gave me a huge dose of a med he knew I was allergic to causing a horrible severe sunburn like rash on my tn side.
I had gamma with Dr. Kim and had rhizotomy with him Sept 30th. He’s one of the best in the country. Dr. Madan left, but his new neuro, Audra, is even better I think. His whole team is really amazing.
I’m not sure where you live, but I finally found a good neuro in The Woodlands where I live. Feel free to pm me with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to help!


DITTO FOR EVERYTHING YOU SAID !!!! I didn't know Dr. Madan was gone.... I agree about Dr. Loftus...HE gives out meds like candy....SO SAD......


We're still looking. Called Dr. Blake's office today. They treat headaches, migraines, etc. They knew of Dr. Dong and refer to him. She is booked four months in advance.

Dr. Pamela Blake, MD


I live in Houston too, and I am hoping for an MVD this spring from a doc at Baylor...his is known as Dr. V, which is good because I can't spell name to save my life...I hope everything goes well for you and since its Dec 30th, I guess its already over, so I hope it went well...Happy New Year...


Hello Houston! I saw where someone mentioned maybe a meeting of folks with TN in our area and count me in! I have tried to hunt down a group and have found nothing. So if anyone is interested let me know.

I have bounced all around trying to get help. I've had an MVD and Gamma Knife neither worked. I've seen neurologists, neurosurgeons, pain management, etc. My latest appointment was at Dr. Blake's a couple of weeks ago for pain management. Yes I waited two months, but she gave me a very complete exam. She was a good listener and I didn't feel rushed. I am hoping this works for the long run, because since I am TN2 not interested in any more procedures.

One more Doctor to consider is Dr. Richard Harper. He is a top neurosurgeon like Dr. Kim, and Dr. Harper is the one who diagnosed my TN. If you can't wait he might be an option and is part of a neurosurgical group. The Doctor, Houston Man is mentioning is Dr. Viswanathan at Baylor Clinic and he is another option. He is very easy to talk to and might help some of you guys in the Houston area. Also might be helpful, because not all insurance plans are accepted by every doctor.

So anyone interesting in starting a support group? Let me know. Also if you guys if want any of the names of other Docs or treatments that I have tried that worked or failed shoot me a note.



thank you sooo much for suggesting again that people get together here is Houston. I am also in if something gets arranged once the Holidays settle down. I am fairly new to Houston and TN (at least with a formal diagnosis and an MVD under my belt) but, like you, have ongoing TN2 type symptoms that the MVD did not help. I could really use to talk to folks in person who actually understand what I am saying.

All in favor, say I........ :)

Be well!!!


Kassie..... Great, because I've looked everywhere for a group. Houston with millions of residents and a world class medical center I couldn't believe there was no support group! Look me up after the holidays. I have managed to find and become friends with two ladies who have this. It has been helpful to all of us. We are upbeat folks who appreciate talking to someone who really gets it. We also exchange information and ideas we have come across.

So I think we will have to be the ones to get it started! Some of us are in this for the long haul and can help each other while maybe helping folks who are new to this struggle! So think about it and talk to you soon.

Cheers to 2014! and you be well too!!!!


I live in College Station, but it is only about an hour away. I would love to meet with fellow TN friends...:)


Cheryl... Great! When things settle down from the holidays we should make some arrangements. Yes I would also love to chat with other TN friends.


Hi Cheryl,

I'm scheduled to have MVD surgery with Dr. Dong Kim on 8/13/14. My neurologist ordered MRI & MRA & blood work before my appt. with Dr. Dong Kim. I was very surprised Dr. Kim did not spend much time with me during the visit. His PA told me that I was a perfect candidate for MVD. Dr. Kim spent about 5 to 10 minutes with me and said I will be pain free for a very long time after he is done with the surgery. He did not go over my MRI, MRA nor blood work. Is this normal? I was expecting him to go over this with me. I was so excited he said I will be pain free that I forgot to ask during the visit.

How long is the recovery after MVD? They didn't discuss this with me either.

Please advise.


Hi Nina… Dr Kim did my second mvd. The man is awesome. He was the same way with me too. Lol…I had my surgery on April 6th 2011. I was h’m the next day. Yes…the next day. He has amazing credentials if u look him up. Surgery went perfect. Down time they say is about 6 wks but I was back at work n 4. Hope this helped u a little bit.


So glad to hear he helped you. Truly the best doctor ever !!!