NerveFix - Homeopathic Product by NaturalCare

Has anybody tried this? My mother is urging me to try it because it helped her friend with neuropathic pain. As you know, we get lots of these recommendations from the well-meaning, and after checking in with our handy Striking Back book, we can decide what to do. However since this is my Mom who has been so helpful and supportive, and she bought it for me... I feel obligated to try it. Normally I would figure that it wouldn't hurt to try it, but since I'm having a bad spell and need for the meds to be "just right," I'm scared to take it. Just wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with it...

Thanks in advance for sharing!

Hi Juliet,

My husband takes Nerve Fix for the neuropathic pain in his back, as well as Curamin. He says that they both seem to help. He has not tried them independently from each other, but Curamin, the people at the homeopathic store tell me, flies off of the shelves. I couldn't tell you if that is the case for Nerve Fix as well, since we didn't ask. But he says that it helps him as part of a greater regimen of vitamins and supplements.

I took Nerve Fix to my Neurologist to ask him if it would be safe to take with my other medications - he said that there are no contra-indications. I take gabapentin, trileptal, lamictal, nortriptyline, valium, and narcotics, and he said that it would be fine. I can't tell you about any other drugs and their compatibility, however. I have not yet tried it, though.

I hope this (sort of?) helps.


Thanks Liv! I still haven't tried it, but it's good to know it won't be a problem with the meds. I take a couple of the same ones you do.