Nerve testing?

I will be seeing the neurologist again next week and I would like to know what this nerve testing that some people talk about getting is?
I have never had anything done on my face .I am not totally convinced that it is TN or neuropathic pain.
I just would like to know what this nerve test is and how to get someone to test.
Any other info would be good,too

Hello Ellen, I too would like to know what this test consists of. I have had plenty of MRI’s and a couple CAT scans but beyond that I’m mystified. What people are talking about it?
My TN has settled down a lot after my surgery but it’s been 3 years and I still take pills, sleep on my right side, shave only at certain times and try not to make exaggerated facial movements which bring on jabbing needles to my eye and forehead. I guess when I go to my next doctor visit, I’ll ask for more info. I kind of think that an MRI would be nice, even if just to rule out a tumor…

I am glad I am not the only one puzzled by the nerve testing stuff.
But I am sorry that you are still in pain after the surgery.
Maybe someone who has had it done can explain exactly what it is and who
does it and why.
Have a great day

I had it on my hands once but haven’t heard of it for the face. All I can say is Owwwww!!!

Hi Catwoman
I had it on my right hand ,too.It was an Ow.
Don’t know what the face one would do.maybe if the nerve is not in tact the
ow stops early.
Mystery to me.

Don’t really care to find out!! Owwwwie!!!

But it would be good to know what it checks for and why.
I am so puzzled by this pain and really want to find a solution-not a
bandaid that hardly works-but don’t take my drugs away,yet.They might still
keep me in pain -but the levels are a lot lower than without

The only type of “test” for the face would be the pin test in which the doctor would touch various parts of your face with a dull needle or something like it. Then he/she will ask if you feel that. This gives them a better idea of where you hurt and don’t hurt. Other than that, a regular MRI would be done to rule out MS and other issues. Usually this finds nothing related to TN. To do that, you would need at a minimum a targeted or a FIESTA MRI to have any indication of a nerve compression or other damage and sometimes these will not show anything either. In that case a neurosurgeon might need to do a type of exploratory surgery to see if he/she needs to a microvascular decompression (MVD) to take a blood vessel or tumor off one of the trigeminal nerves.

This is only in cases in which the doctor has a high expectation of TN. They might find something else like TMJ or some other issue as well which would be more easily correctable.

I had a pin test on my face and in places my face could not feel the pin at all it was completely numb. Was this the nerve test? I was in such a bad way at the time I was not asking for the names of tests I just wanted the docs to make it stop.

Thank you so much for the info.I guess I have that.And an MRI and another one and they cannot see anything.A bone scan showed inflammation at my jaw but the gallium scan did not turn up anything last year.
I really would like to make sure I do not have an infection.It seems that if I am on antibiotics that the pain does not skyrocket like it has in the past month or so.
Bought some bear grease today from a reserve.
Wish me luck.Should put on a bunch before the appointment tomorrow and stink the doctor out of the office.

Just an update on the appointment- YAY-I will be able to have a CT scan of my jaw.
That was the big take away.
And just an increase in the meds that I have=no new ones.
I really hope the scan shows something.At least it will put my mind at ease.
Might be months away-and I will have to make sure that it is ordered-(Canada has a system) and all.Sometimes when the various clinics call to make an appointment they will not leave a message and they do not have their phone number come up on call display-so you never know whether someone called.
Very frustrating.I have learned to keep following up,non-stop.I do not know how anyone works with a medical condition.Just chasing the doctors takes most of the day.