Nerve spasms no pain after MVD

I had my 2nd MVD 5/31/13. Now during recovery/healing I am having nerve spasms in the same place with no pain. I have not weaned totally off my Tegretol yet. Slowly doing that. Has anyone had this experience? I am brand new to this site. Thank you for feedback!

Holly, I hope you are feeling better. So sorry this you are having nerve spasms over Labor Day Weekend for us folks in the United States. As that I have not had a MVD I can't share with you my experience. Since you are feeling no pain that is good. :) Since the TN was associated with the signals that reached your brain stem I wonder if there could be something else going on. Does heat or cold help? Does it seem to occur at certain times of the day or night? Is it associated with stress or physical activity? It sounds like touching base with your doctors might be in order and maybe they could prescribe a muscle relaxant. This may be silly but does alcohol or caffeine make it better or worse? So happy you found our site! And you could just Google "face spasms" to see if there was any information. Thanks for joining us and hope you MVD heals! Let us know how you are doing. Tina

Thank you msbluebells. My surgeon says it is nerves healing after the surgery & that it’s normal. I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced it. I’m on Bacaflen as well. Thank you for reaching out to me!

Hi holly,
The fear of pain can be overwhelming…hard not to worry.
I have felt twinges since my MVD in April and I too was told that it was more than likely the nerve healing.
(( hugs )) Mimi

So when you say twinges what does that mean to you? Can you describe? Can you tell me how you have emotionally dealt with the fear? Also, where are you with your meds? Oh thank you for replying. Just getting to chat with you is making me feel better!!!
Hugs back!

I would have nerve spasms off and on for several months after my MVD and then they went away. I really do think it is just the nerve healing!!