Nerve pathway?

Hi I am wondering a few things and have not got a clear answer from google.So please don’t thing I am asking a dumb question.I believe the trigeminal nerve comes from the brain stem and then it comes into the face near the TMJ.Now is it a hole in the TMJ so that if the joint is askew the nerve gets caught in it?And how many nerves are there?I read about the mental nerve-which is where I am having the pain but can’t find a mental neuralgia.Could anyone give me a reader’s digest version of how things work.I have read the book Striking Back.
Also what testing should I beg for?

unfortunately I can’t provide input here, but I’d also be interested in getting educated by someone who knows more than me. My wife suffered from TMJ before TN, and even now there seems to be a correlation between the two.

Hi Sean
I should have titled it anatomy instead of pathway-but my mind goes into blanks sometimes.I really thought people would have answers.It appears that the mental nerve is a branch off the bottom trigeminal nerve.
But what I would really like to know is where the nerves come out of the back of the head to the face.
It just seems to me that if something is going to go wrong it would be in a place where everything is sort of squished together.
Hoping your wife is OK now

Try putting the words “trigeminal nerve” into google images. You should be able to pull up all kinds of illustrations showing the pathway of the trigeminal nerve and it’s branches.

I have done that-makes my head spin with all the drugs.
Found that it is most likely the mental branch that is causing my
problem.But can’t seem to find the relationship between the TMJ and
trigeminal neuralgia.