Nerve Conduction Studies?

As some of you know already, I see my Neurologist through a public hospital, Medicare system - Dr Ventzi Bonev. His availability there has always been limited as he only contributes 1 Thursday per month at the hospital itself, I see him at the hospital for free. My GP however, believes that I may get better attention from paying through the nose to the private sector. So, she faxed his private office a referral letter asking that I get an urgent appointment and she insists I go ahead with it. Private consults are $450.

After weeks of missed phone calls between his office and I, yesterday they reached me finally. The lady I spoke with has a definitive understanding of what Trigeminal Neuralgia is and it’s variant treatment options - though she says prior to any appointment with the Dr / Dr’s privately, the standard practice for them is to do NERVE CONDUCTION STUDIES with any Neuropathic illness and as I have not been a patient of his privately before. They will do the NCS for free. The follow up consult to see the doctor and learn the results is what will cost me the $450.

It is wrong - but it appears that I will receive better treatment from my existing neuro once I go from public patient, to private patient and I think that stinks…

But my question today is what do you all think about Nerve Conduction studies and TN??

Thanks for reading and any advice, suggestions or stories on what has happened to you if you’ve had NCS ~ all are appreciated!!

Best Wishes ~ Ko.