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Nerve block with radiation


Hi. I’ve had 2 nerve blocks with a steroid which didn’t really help. The Dr.talked next about doing a nerve block with radiation. Has anyone had this done and were there any side effects? Thank you for your information.



Hi, I had it. It’s two kinds Gamma Knife, and Cyber Knife.Neither one did much good for me. If you have it and then want to have MVD later , the mvd is much harder to do because there is a lot of scaring from the other operations. Good luck and I hope this helped you.



Thanks for responding to me. Did you have any side effects from them? I appreciate your response. This burning pain is driving me crazy. Just trying to figure out what else I can do.



Hi MJ, No the radiation operations had no pain and was an out patient
proceedure but the effects only lasted for about 6 months. THat was a
blessing but its what has to be done alter that might cause you trouble. The
radiation leaves scaring of course and when or if you decide to have MVD its
The MVD that I had brecause of the radiation done before left me totaly deef
in the right ear, totaly numb on the right side of my face which causes me
to have a lot of problems eating by not holding in my food, my right side of
my nose is numb and I don’t know if its running and it does because of the
MVD oreration, my right eye will dry out due to not being able to blink it.
SO think twice if you might want to have any operation.
The MVD is starting to wear off and I had it only about a year ago now. I
dont know what I will do when it finally fails.
All in all though love to you and hope everything turns out good for you.
Wheels For Legs said all that.



Thank you so much for all of your information. I’m not eligible for a MVD, but I was wondering about the nerve blocks that used radiation… I’m so sorry you’re having so many side effects from your MVD. I hope that you’re able to remain pain free. Trigeminal Neuralgia sure sucks! It’s so nice to have this site to be able to talk to people who truly understand.
Hang in there,