Nerve block for TN?

My pain specialist has offered to do a nerve block for me in my V1 nerve since i have been in a lot of pain lately. It’s 110 degrees where i live right now and that means cold blasting air conditioning everywhere- even home with teen boys lol. So even if im not having a shock it feels like a pressure and almost a buzzing thats like a warning that can explode in electrical pain any time. Im wondering if anyone has had a nerve block, if so, did it make it worse, or give you some of your life back? Im on so much medication the only other option is some kind of surgery. Thanks for any input :grin:

Hi Tulips,

I’m so sorry for all your pain. I’ve had several blocks in my trigemenal nerve (didn’t work at all), my sphenopalatine ganglion (also didn’t work), and an occipital block which worked for a couple of weeks, but only in that area (shot in base of skull, which temporarily stopped the pain on top of my head). Still, getting relief even in that limited area lowered my overall pain by about 20% for those two weeks, which is sometimes the difference between getting out of bed or not. I plan to get an occipital block again soon.

Nerve blocks did work for me, but for only a short time. For many others they can last for months. Temperature will have little effect on the effectiveness of the blocks, so try not to worry about that. May I ask what medications you are on?