Living With Facial Pain

Nerve block app

I’ve just had my nerve block. I was given one in the occipital nerve and one in the cheek ( the cheek on my face that is) . I feel like I’ve been kicked in the head, will update tomorrow.

Is that surgery?

No they were injections to the skull and head

glycerol injections?

Ah no steroid. Its very sore right now and I’m taking a lot of tramadol!

I'm sorry!

Yes its crap. I’m hopeful it will provide relief to wean myself off anticonvulsant the side effects are intolerable. They have turned me into a zombie.

Just had a glycerol injection today. I have ATN with occasional classic stabbing in side my ear pain but mostly hours and hours of soreness and dull pain around check and mouth. Have been on all kinds of meds- diagnosed in March 2009. Have had Ablations and gamma knife with little to no relief. Was thinking about MVD but my doc said it doesn’t work on type 2.

So the glycerol injection- all was fine, put me to sleep and I didn’t remember a thing. When I woke, it was expected that I sit upright with ,y chin to my chest for 2 hours. Well, I woke with the worst headache- felt like a cluster and migraine combined to make a vice grip squeezing on my skull. And the entire side of my face that had the injection, felt like it was literally lit on fire. Keeping my chin to my chest wasn’t a problem because I was in the fetal position in so much pain that I couldn’t open my eyes or speak. After tons of heavy duty drugs, the 10 level pain got down to a 5- but that took and hour and 45 mins.

Came home with a few pills-10 (gee thanks doc) which I will need, left side of face numb, swollen and starting to show bruising and I can barely open my left eye- when I do force it open, it hurts and my vision is blurry.

Don’t get me wrong, if this gives me some relief, it will be all worth it. I will keep you posted on my recovery but if anyone has been through a similar experience and has some advice or words of wisdom, please reply!

Updated- 3 days after glycerol injection and I am still completely numb on the left side of my face but am starting to get little stabs of sharp pain in areas in which I felt the pain the most. Face is still swollen.

My left eye feels like it has an infection (no visible sign of infection- just FEELS like it)- can’t open all the way, sort of sensitive to the air and to light, and vision is completely blurred (too afraid to drive). Basically keeping it closed feels the best. My neurosurgeon suggested I see an eye doc.

Did I mention I’m exhausted?

Is there anyone out there that has experienced these symptoms after GI? All I hear is, “Get some rest and you’ll feel better.” After a nap(assuming I can relax enough to sleep) , I feel rested but pain starts back up.

It would mean so much to me if anyone would reply. I am so depressed. I’m missing out on my life!!!

I’m so sorry I wish I had something to help you! I have not had it done though…I’m scared of surgeries/ procedures because of stuff like what your going threw ( making you worse) once again so sorry

Hi Helen , I know it’s been a while since your steroid injection … I had one yesterday I am also wiped out from it a lot of pain . I hope it helped you , I can’t tell if it has been helpful to me or not yet. If you see this message could you tell me how it worked for you? Thanx Liz 6