Living With Facial Pain

Needle injection trauma

I suffered needle injection trauma after the dentist punctured my nerve into my mental foramen.
I suffered huge damage along with needle and chemicalas eating my lower trigeminal nerve.
I immediately started to feel intense pain like my mouth is under gasoline burning and twitching, along side with terrible pressure and stabing pain with parasthesia and dysesthesia.
The pain is constant.
I’m able to put it down with high dose of tegretol lyrica tramadol and paracetamol.
It does lowe my pain but I still get akward sensations in my mouth and teeth…
What kind of pain is this?
Is this deaferentation neuropathic pain or partial anesthesia dolorosa?
I have been informed that this kind of injury (when the nerve is punctured with a needle and heavy chemicals)
Can produce heavy consequences which are incurable. They call it trigeminal neuropathic central nervous deaferentation pain.

I am a dentist with TN. This does happen to every dentist during their clinical lives, at least a dozen times it happened to my patients. I never had a patient not resolve from the numbness within a short span of time, about a week. The longest was a year that it took the patient to regain full function. They never had pain just numbness. Did your dentist place you on steroids right away? I hope so, that would help tremendously.
What happened was the dentist touched the nerve while injecting anesthetic I’ll bet. We don’t know where we are 100 percent while injecting, we only know the basic anatomy. Everyone’s anatomy is just a little different.
Hope this helps


My dentist damaged my nerve During a routine visit which started as a filing and turned into a ten year nightmare. As it turned out I also had a rare disease called eagle syndrome where a a ligament in my neck turned into a small bone. By the dentist having my neck turned for several hours it created two areas with damage to my nerve and an explosion of pain which no one could understand. I was misdiagnosed, told it was all in my head because I was divorced and other nonsense. If you suffer a puncture to you nerve and it is not healing there just might be a second area of damage that is making it impossible for the nerve to heal. It has been ten years and about 50 thousand dollars but I am slowly healing.