Needed to rant

Last week I almost gave up. I am physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially ruined. I have had an MVD from a noted neurosurgeon (he said it was the worse case he had seen, my nerves we all compressed by an artery, how he does not know)...the pain is still there. Now my pain has spread to the other side of my face.

I can't work, I can't read, I can't even focus on a tv show. I need no replies - I just needed to put this out to the universe, maybe god will listen to me hear since he failed in my prayers.

I am going to reply any way. I totally understand what you are feeling. While my situation is not as serious, I am also feeling ruined.

I was recently told by my doctor that I don't have any reason to file for disability! TN is not my only illness and I am exhausted. My rheumatologist told me that chronic pain was not a disability. I have connective tissue disease too. On my TN side I also get migraines that are so bad, I lose the vision in my eye. I also feel like God does not hear me.

So vent, I think everyone here understands how you feel. I sure do.

You’re not alone. I hope you find some measure of comfort in that…
I understand your rant to the Universe completely.
Do not lose your faith, hold on for dear life and reach out …
Don’t look too far ahead, try to just get through each moment…
Believe that life will get better, it won’t always be this way.
( I tell myself this 100xday)
Sending you (( hugs )), strength & understanding. Mimi