Need root canal on trigger tooth ATN2

I am in the middle of getting a lot of dental work. I haven’t been to a dentist for two years since I got neuralgia from a filling. Yesterday I got a root canal on a tooth (not bad side) that had broken badly. It went well and I have minimal pain.

The dentist thought I needed a filling on the bad tooth, but wasn’t sure so had the endo take a look at it. The endo informed me that my trigger tooth has a very large cavity above the previous filling done two years ago. He says that it needs a root canal because it’s very close the nerve. It seems I have to get this done but of course I am very worried. This tooth started the whole mess and caused me to come out of a long remission.

Has anyone gotten work done on their “bad tooth”? My pain is about 90% covered by gabapentin 500. My pain there is burning, aching type pain. Can anyone please comment who has been through this. Thanks jazmin.

I always wear a lidocaine patch to the dentist, that seems to help keep the ATN settled down.


Azurelle what a sweetheart you are answering all of my posts. As you can tell I am a bit frantic. When I go for the bad side (root canal) I’ll wear some of those patches. Thanks.

I called my new dentist today to talk to him about the upcoming root canal on my trigger tooth. He wants me to put off that one temporarily because it would be on the other side and I’ll have trouble eating with RTs on both sides without crowns.

But the saga continues…The dentist wants me in tomorrow because I have a large cavity on a molar a few teeth away from the recent root canal. He is going to try to fill the tooth and save it with a crown. If he can’t he’s sending me over immediately to endo for another root canal. I still have other cavities to be filled and my trigger tooth RC’d. I’m in hardly any pain. Holy moly. Stressed.

This is what happens when you avoid the dentist for 2 years. jazmin.

I did the same thing, got tired of going to the hygienist for about 2 years, then all hell broke loose in my mouth (after 5 years of basically nothing other than cleaning). But personally I would chase down any possible dental problem in hopes of getting some resolution to the pain. Hey after a few more visits, dental work will be no big deal!

You’re right ziggy. You are always so helpful and noticed you’re always reaching out to others. Thank you. How is your mouth doing lately? I hope it has improved.

I’m off to the dentist in an hour. Hopefully he can save the tooth with a filling and no RC. jazmin.

Okay. I got throught the appointment. This dentist is amazing. He’s so careful, offers me plenty of options, and answers all of my questions without getting impatient. I was there three hours. I feel the dentist wants to really take care of my teeth and me. I feel like his special project.

The dentist was able to fill the large filling near the nerve. He injected the novacaine so easily I barely felt it. He put a sedative filling in and then the rest of the filling. I believe I will be getting a crown for it.

I saw the hygenist and she did a peridontal probe on my teeth. Most were good, some okay, but one bottom molar had an “8” (not good). X-ray confirmed bone loss and it’s a root canal molar with crown. This tooth needs to be removed because it is also infected. I must see a periodontist for work on teeth along with extraction and bone graft/implant, some kind of denture or just extraction. Not sure what to do on that one.
It’s not in my bad quadrant.

I still need the ATN trigger tooth RC’d.

Next week I go in for a regular cleaning and post/temporary crown for the RC I had done recently. The dentist wants my inflamed gums to get healthier before he puts the permanent crown on. No significant pain. Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting all this dental work done. I was so afraid to even see anyone. I was more than afraid, I had very real fear. I’m committed now to getting healthy teeth. I’m trying at least. jazmin.

YAY!!! I’m happy to hear how well this is all going, and I’m very glad you’re committing to a health mouth, it will serve you well in the long run.


Oh boy. Here we go. The bad trigger tooth has started to hurt, worse at night. Called my dentist and he said call endo and get it done asap as the pain will just escalate.

My problem is I still do not have a temporary crown on the left RC’d tooth, If I get the other root canal done now I will have both sides that I cannot chew on until I get a crown of some sort.

Anyone have an ideas on that? Holy cow. I don’t know what to do. jazmin.

Dentist called and said to go get it done quickly so I called the endo. It hurts some during the day now and painful at night. I was able to get an appointment for a root canal by the top endo there as there was a cancellation. Tomorrow I get it done. The rest of today I will try and get my courage up.

This is the tooth that started when the old dentist filled a cavity. It did not really hurt at the time. As soon as he pushed the filling in it hurt some. As the month went on it got worse and worse. The dentist took new x-rays and saw nothing. So here I am two years later. jazmin.

If you are diagnosed TN2 that should be Trigeminal Neuropathy. Did you have an injury during a previous root canal that started your TN2 ?. This is what happened to me and every case is a little different. Trigeminal Neuropathy at this time is considered a terminal disease, look up Disorder of the Fifth Cranial Nerve to see if you can’t get more details. I am going on 19 years of 24/7 pain and suffering with a Disorder of the Fifth Cranial Nerve or Trigeminal Neuropathy. I was unable to even smell much less sit in a oral surgeons chair. He didn’t understand and had an intern evaluate me in the hallway. And the last of my teeth were removed in the hospital under anesthesia. I would urge you to use Extreme Caution if you had and injury event going to any dentist or oral surgeon or endodontist. I will keep you in my prayers for it is my faith in Christ Jesus that gives me the Hope I need to get through the unbearable pain levels my head exceeds.

Food for thought Hope ICJ

Hope, I’m sorry for your pain. I will be praying for you.

This is my second time for TN2. First time was I accidentally hit my head, needed stiiches, etc. Had a 15 year remission after seven years. Two years ago I had a filling done and I felt the pain in my tooth as soon as he pushed the fillig in. Either he pushed to hard or he pushed the filling into a nerve. jazmin

Yesterday I had my root canal . I was shaky, anxious, afraid and tearful before I went. I took an extra Gaba 100 and 2 ibuprofen before and an extra Gaba and 1 600 ibuprofen after. I needed to get it done because the “real” toothache was getting worse. The large cavity as sitting very close to the nerve. It would have gotten worse and possible abcessed. I hear those can be the most painful of RC’s.

The endo was a cheeful guy singing Motown songs as the music played. I asked a bunch of questions and he patiently answered them. I had very little pain during the
procedure. After I was finished I asked for some medication for pain. I wanted it handy in case I had extra pain. He only gave me 600 mg ibruprofen pills. I guess these days it’s hard to get the strong stuff. In the old days they would give them out during these procedures. I probably would not have taken them anyways. I like to have them there as security, in case. I do have some old stuff that I have kept from other med procedures. I have never taken them, and neither has my spouse. We always take an aspirin.

After the novacaine wore off it started to hurt. I cannot tell what is from the ATN or from the procedure. I feel the pain of the RC, and I think it’s covering the ATN. I have to wait until the inflammation goes down from the RC before I can figure out what’s what.

This RC hurt more afterwards then the other RC I had on Monday. The other one barely hurt. I guess it’s because this new RC (trigger tooth) was hurting for a very long time from the cavity and it was just noticeable recently. Yes, I can confirm that Gabapentin covers the pain of a real toothache.jazmin.

Okay I heard you say it started with a filling !!, during that original dental work did you experience a painful event because you were not numb enough to have started the drilling or clearing of debris from the bad tooth. Is that the day that tooth became bad, it could be the event that caused trigeminal neuropathy not neurology. They are two xery different disorders neuralgia can be repaired or relieved neuropathy is a permanent conditioned to the fifth cranial nerve due to damage to the nerve. You seem to have a good idea of what your dealing with. For me it gets tiring presenting to anybody unfamiliar with my case wonders why I’m still living in pain and no one has done anything to correct it. The best offer was a in 2017 a Nerosurgon offered to do opening my cranial vault at the base to examine the pons and brainstem interaction, only before I consider taking my own life of which I am unable to do due to my faith. Hope ICJ is keeping me alive as well as a good team of doctors 11 in total monitor my condition on an annual basis. I want to live 15+ grandchildren. I hope your work go’s well if I have made you concerned or nervous in anyway you should be after 19 years I would never let an endodontist stick a file up my tooth again. God bless HopeICJ

Hope I was numb enough during the filling. At the very end of the procedure I felt pain. I don’t talk to anyone about my pain except my husband. He was there during the first bout. The last time I spoke to a good friend when I came out of remission she didn’t quite get it, you know how it is. I had a failed MVD in 2000 but three years later I was completely pain free. I was taking a combo of Gabapentin and Keppra. I would always rub capsaisin on my teeth an across my cheek, in front of the ear and behind the ear. i would put it on 5 or 6 times a day.

I justed rubbed some capsaicin it should help. jazmin

Good for you Jazmin for all that you are doing to take care of your teeth. I am very optimistic that you are going to feel much better once this is resolved. It is completely normal to have pain after a root canal, usually it fades after a few days. You may have to eat soft foods for a few days until you can get a temporary crown installed.

So glad you have a good dentist and sounds like a good endodontist also. My endodontist was also kind of silly–I think it is what they do to deal with so many patients fearful and in a lot of pain. IMHO it is impossible to determine if you truly have ATN until all dental issues are completely taken care of. Nerves in the mouth do really weird things when they are disturbed.

I also have some TMJ stuff going on on my right side. It’s hard to open my jaw wide. I used ice on my face this morning and it helped. I’ve had a lot of “open wide” dental work this past week. jazmin.

Thanks for your support ziggy. It means a lot. jazmin.

jazmin, keep in mind the “open wide” part of all this will make your jaw muscles and tendons sore as well. You’re not going to know what’s what until towards the end of next week, probably.

It sounds like you’re doing really well and heading in the right direction!


Thanks azurelle for pointing that out. I should be sore for a while.

I actually have an appt. for a dental cleaning tomorrow. My dentist, who is fabulous, wants to get my teeth nice and clean before he puts the temp crown on the lower left. He said he needs a tiny bit more room for the crown as I have another crown close to it and it’s probably a bit too crowded. He wants the tartar removed there. I will tell the hygenist not to touch the upper right quadrant or I’ll have to slug her. The dentist will also see me as he’s very hands on. She’s my husband’s hygenist and told me she only does it manually and does not hurt. jazmin.

Thank you so so so much for this conversation!
I am going through something similar, and am so grateful for all the helpful
real-life experiences and advise to get me through my day.