Need Ideas!

So we’ve been calling the weekly news item that we send out “Weekly News Item”. Lacks a certain “something” dontchathink? LOL People get so much mail and junk in their email inboxes these days, we need something to stand out . Some discards from the Ben’s Friends trash can –

Hoofbeats (referencing the old zebras and horses thing) – our editor-in-chief pointed out that there are several equestrian organizations which use that one

Stripes – won’t say whose idea that was, but it’s just plain weird!

News from Ben’s Friendsyawn , just big yawn .

A clever wordsmith friend of ours suggested Zebra Gnus . ROFL, how clever is that, but I think that one’s going to get old really soon.

Seriously, we need a new name! Friends. Connections. News. Community. Togetherness. Put your creative caps on … what can you come up with?

Seriously, folks, we need a new name!

Put your creative caps on … what can you come up with?

Just reply to this post with your BEST suggestion!

How about News Zaps from Ben’s Friends—just kidding!!

I vote for What’s New at Ben’s Friends. Not super clever but not too hard to understand quickly.

Ben’s Friends Trends

Shock Talk? Pun on Shock Jock plus some black TN humour.

Shooting Pains? Pun on shooting the breeze, again with black humour (you can see my tastes here).

Electric News? Tingle Talk? Newsralgia? (quite like that one!)

Bens Friends Face Palce

I look forward to Ben’s Friends all of the time. I open it eagerly

Hi, I have not been in contact for quiet a while, sorry about that. I have a new treatment for my trigeminal neuralgia pain. It’s name is Vimpat (Lacosamide)
I started taking it over a year ago and it works. Ok , I do take it three times a day.
It’s side affects are not as bad as Oxcarbazepine. I wish I had heard about this before I had Gammaknife surgery but I can’t change the past and am very happy my life is more or less pain free (when I take the medication. I thing it’s relatively new for TN.
Please talk to your DOC about using this medication, it will change your life. I too was skeptical about changing and stopping Oxcarbazepine. But it’s been over a year and it works.
Good luck to everyone

I have Trigiminal Neuralgia. I’ve had Gama Knife and Rhysotomy some years back with no positive result so I’ve just consuming Oxcarbazepine for pain. I still had a lot of pain. Last year I found out about another med, Vimpat. I take it three times a day, it has less side affects than Ozcarbazepine. It has changed my life. I basically have no pain.
Yes it is unfortunate I have TN but my life is totally normal. I don’t have any pain taking the VIMPAT. I don’t care about the side affects, I don’t really have any symptoms. I have been taking Vimpat for over a year and it has changed my life. I was skeptical about stopping Oxcarbazepine at first and starting Vimpat but after a few days of taking Vimpat I realized it works.