Need help in finding a MVD Neurosurgeon

First offf I am a new member to this group. And would like to Thank you for having this support group for people like me that need help in regards to the MVD procedure.

I live in Phoenix AZ and I have had ATN for 5-6 years now. I have been on all types of meds and my meds are not working as good as they used and I really do not want to increase any more meds. I will not be able to tolerate any more side effects then I currently have now. I also had the Gammaray Knife procedure completed about two years ago with no success. So it seems logical that my next step would be to have the MVD surgery completed.

I need help in finding the right Neurosugeon in my area. If you know of a great NS around my neighborhood or in a state next to me I would really appreciate the information.

I would also like to know since I may not get a name for the NS around me what types of questions I should ask to get the best surgeon.

Thank you so much for your support. Monica

Hi Monica - I live in Tucson & just had my 2nd MVD last Thurs. my dr this time was DrSanan & highly recommend him. I found him thru this site & I was on the facial pain assoc site. He is experienced & very caring & explains everything in detail. His post op follow ups made me feel special. My 1st surgeon was very good but this wasn’t his specialty & never thought to look further for more experience so you are smarter than I was!!
He is at the Center for Neuro Sciences in Tucson. You also have the Mayo Clinic Burrows in Phoenix. I remember the website had a dr there too listed. If I can be of further help let me know & TMC ( hospital) was also wonderful & so knowledgeable @ TN.
This site was also a huge help to me & wish I knew @ it years ago as my saga started in 2004!
Radio surgery was one of my options this time & glad I did the surgery instead. Good luck & have a good holiday! PS I have been pain free since Thurs!!
Re Questions- EXPERIENCE!!!

Hello Linda,

Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciate the info you have given me. I did go to Burrows in Phoenix for my Gamma Knife Surgery but really did not get a warm feeling from the surgeon. It just makes a big difference if you feel like you you are not just a number but that the team and surgeon do really care for your well being. I will look up Doctor Sanan and see how that goes. I had gone to the Mayo Clinic a while back for my Migraines and they did not accept me. I could try again with them since now I have a TN.

I will make sure to check on experience and that would entail how many MVD they have done and what their outcomes have been right? What if they do not give that to me. Do I just go somwhere else because that would be a red flag?? Also what would a good number be for how many they have completed any idea?

I am so happy for you that your second experience went so well and that you are now pain free!! What a feeling that must be.

Happy Holidays to you to and thank you again for the response!!! Monica

They should be open with you how often & success stats, in regards to number might not be clear but found out years later that my original surgeon does 2 per year. That is NOT enough.
If I wasn’t comfortable with Dr Sanan I was going to research Duke or Johns Hopkins as many members on this site spoke so highly of them.happy holiday to you & if you do come to Tucson & do the MVD here I will come visit you in the hospital!
Happy holidays to you too!,Linda

I know you dont want to travel...but, i went to Dr. Jeff Brown in NY, I was referred to him by Johns Hopkins. I had a glycerine rhizotomy at Hopkins, but they wouldnt do the MVD because I had mostly ATN symptoms. I am now 6 weeks out from Dr. Brown doing the mvd and I am pain free.

I know the traveling sucks for surgery, I had to travel 3 hours to get there and then get a hotel etc for the surgery and my friend that went with me, so it can cost alot. I will say though it was money well spent.

Just my two cents