Need feedback

Hello I am fairly new to this as it has all occurred after a recent whiplash injury.

For over a month since that injury, my forehead has tingled to the touch, left side only. If I do not touch it, I do not feel anything, however once I touch it it tingles for the rest of the day. This has graduated to constant burning/pressure pain on left side of face to the touch as well. I have also been diagnosed hypothyroid and post concussion, although I do not think those are what this is. My neuro seems to shrug off the face pains and tingling as concussion. My MRI came back clear, although that was on a 1.5 Tesla machine without specifically looking for TN.

Thank you I appreciate any feedback.

Tingling to my understanding is not common to TN. Concussion symptoms usually resolve after a month more commonly before this time frame. Whiplash can cause TN as your possibly aware, this is due to two possible reasons put forward, damage to the upper neck structures which affect the trigeminal nucleii, and/or damage due to stretching to the trigeminal nerve. The latter I consider ridiculous, whiplash involving forward neck bending problems would probably mean a broken jaw on your breastbone/ chest before damage to said nerve, after all most of us can touch our chin to our chest in normal situations without trigeminal nerve problems. Whiplash in backward bending of the neck shortens the trigeminal nerve pathway.

I’d be inclined to not to worry about a “lifetime” of tn (not that you were), and get your neck sorted as a first port of call.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I appreciate the prompt response! I will update going forward.

sorry to be a bother, but one further question. The left side of my face (same side as forehead tingling) has had a cold burning for 2 days straight. I read pre-tn can experience there symptoms. Any advise?