Need another mvd?

I was wondering how many of you have had two mvds? I had one two years ago and was pain free for eight months and then back on tegretol, which took care of all the pain. In the meantime I went to see Dr. Brown and Mri showed a blood vessel wrapped around nerve and said I needed another surgery…how does this happen? Had to be taken off tegretol due to the interference with my thyroid medicine. ( my thyroid went crazy) neurologist switched me to Oxtellar Xr and I have not been pain free since and I am up to 1500mg. This I don’t understand either? Shocks in cheek, tooth pain etc. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

How does it happen if the Teflon covers the nerve?

After my second MVD the neurosurgeon said the problem was the blood vessel was wrapped around nerve, so he packed in the Teflon in between? Unfortunately pain sometimes uncontrollable still present. I wish for you relief.

Hello Wendyjo,

I've had two MVD's. My first MVD was in Jul 2014, three months after the surgery the TN pain was back. I was taking Lyrica and Tegritol until I couldn't take the pain anymore and had my 2nd MVD in Nov. 2015. The 2nd MVD found two areas wrapped around the nerve. I am almost four months out from the 2nd MVD and have some TN pain however, this pain is not as severe as after my first MVD. I hope that the 2nd MVD is more successful than the first however, I realize this can take unto 18 months. If you decide to have a 2nd MVD I hope it is successful for you!