Need Advice on Gabapentin and Lyrica

I have been on Gabapentin (300) mg 3-3x a day and Lyrica 50mg 1-3x a day. I guess I don't understand dosing because I thought I was taking 150 mg of Lyrica a day, am I wrong?. It was increased in March to 2 pills of Lyrica same mg as before 3x a day. Now I am having allot of pain as of a month ago. I have an appt. to see my doctor to increase my Lyrica or get me off it and get something else. I hate the Lyrica it makes me so sleepy. I'm looking for work and can't be falling asleep on the job. Have you all had this happen? What other meds work for you? I hate to be on meds, but the pain is worse I just need pain management and I have NO ins.


Look at the post where I list all meds here people found helpful --- Large Percent make people sleepy or fuzzy

You can keep a med dose down by having a topical agent on your face - prescription lidocaine or ketamine patches or cream.

If you have to work, your neurologist may give you a med to counteract the brain dead feeling these meds cause.... mine gave me Ritalin for a short time. Hated meds, stayed on only a few months then went to have the MVD surgery to get my brain back.

Keep posting!

Thank You Kc dancer,

I have since the last post been on Dilantin and switched back to Lyrica because of the side affects of the Dilantin. I still take the Neurontin and now 150mg of Lyrica a day. I won't know yet if that will work as I am still weaning off of Dilantin. I was able to ask my Dr. for an RX for lidocaine's NOT cheap. The patches are worse, allot more expensive. I am really sick of my Dr. he is hardly in the office and if I am changing an RX I have to come in and pay for an office visit, but he is close by and allot more affordable than others for the Cash price. He makes me feel like I am bothering him, Hate that! Looking for work and hope it'll happen soon. I need insurance so I can get better care. How did the MVD Work out for you?

Be very careful w/the gabapentin. One of the side effects is attempting suicide. I was on it for about 6 months before I tried for the first time, Within the next 3 months and 4 more attempts my husband finally told my doctor to he wouldn't let me take it any more. Also it cause flatulence and sleepiness.

Try a pain specialist and tell you neuro to go take a hike. A pain specialist understand the cycles of pain. Yes, a neuro is good for a diagnosis. But I want to go to someone that understands pain. I mean you can see a bone sticking out of body and know the bone is broken, doesn't mean you know how to fix it.

i was on 300 gaba 3x a day , and 75 lyrica 5x a day, worked for a couple months

Bebo: Thanks for the warning...Thank God I have never had any problems with the gabapentin. I guess it can affect everyone differently. Sorry that you had that experience. I am a bit sleepy, but that is about it. I just want pain relief, don't we all?

As of today I am increasing my Lyrica to 200mg 3x a day. I hope it will help. I am at the point where I am sick of all the meds. I don't have much other choices right now. Will post separately on another thing I want to try.