Need a root canal

With Tegretol, neurontin, and a recent nerve block I am pain free. Now I need a root canal!!! The tooth is bad and my dentist said if I don’t get the root canal done it will eventually become abscess and need pulled. What experiences does anyone have out there getting a root canal done when you already have TN. I just know its going to bring my pain back!!!

Get the root canal done. I had the pain and the abscess and it was awful. After the root canal, that pain went away. I still have the TN pain and I am post-Cyberknife radiation 8 months ago which is not proving to be successful. Good luck and pick a good doc.


I am so sorry you have a dental problem. I recently had a sinus infection which aggravated my rear upper molar. I ran to two dentist and both could not find a problem with the tooth...I was in so much TN2 pain. Throughout the ordeal I communicated my TN history very carefully and both dentist were advised and moved accordingly. Fortunately I was able to keep the tooth and deal with the infection. It was nothing short of distressing for about 5 days. Please let your dentist know your history and recent meds...I might add a second evaluation may be in order as well. Hang tough and be kind yourself


Thanks everyone. This is my second opinion. Yes I need it. The tooth is on my bad side. I go to Cleveland Clinic Friday and will inform them of the need for the root canal. I am trying to switch to an endodontist at Cleveland clinic too to do the root canal but don’t know yet if my insurance will cover it. I’m so afraid that this procedure will bring the pain back.


In 2011, I had a root canal and 14 fillings and due to bad work the dentist did in 2012, I had to have nine of the fillings re-done. I went to many dentists before I finally found someone that would do the work as I was told that my case was too complicated as they don’t deal with TN. After searching for six months, I found hospital dentistry at a dental school and they agreed to do the work. The work was done over three times as I had to have teeth pulled, full mouth x-rays, fillings, and a crown. The work was done in an outpatient surgery center and the first two times it was done with general anesthesia and an anesthesiologist. I had serious complications due to the anesthesia, so the last time it was done with sedation. I couldn’t have done it without the sedation as the pain would have been too much. My recommendation is try and find someone that does sedation or if you have a dental school near you, see if they have hospital dentistry which treats TN. For me sedation is a must, but I know there are people that do it without.

I hope this help

Thank you! When I see my doctor Friday in Cleveland i will see if he can refer me somewhere. I think being under is a great idea.

I saw my oral surgeon yesterday at Cleveland yesterday. The whole appointment was a waste of time. Not due to them but my insurance. My insurance didn’t approve the tests they needed to do. But anyways we discussed the root canal. He wants it done ASAP. He gave me the name of an endodontist he works with but he is not in my dental plan so Monday I am starting the search for an endo who has some knowledge of TN. I got a list from my dental insurance of participating providers and will just start making calls. I am also starting back up on my neurontin, along with the Tegretol I’m still taking. One because I’m having some pain. I think by nerve block is wearing off and two so I’m built up when the root canal gets done. Thanks for thinking of me!

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!