"Need a little Christmas-Right this very minute"-MAME

Hello Shelia,

Seasons greetings to you too. And a Happy New Year.

I’m amazed at your computer skills. I need my 12 year old daughter to help me with the basics ie putting photos on.

She also enlightened me that when using the chat facility here you only have to press enter to send your message. There was me searching for the send button for ages,

Its was very nice to meet you,

Love Jo X x

Internet christmas card or not its still way beyond me!

Love Jo X x

I don’t know much about it either, but when you are typing in this box, you see above the box the B for BOLD and the I for Italics and the U for underline and the sideways 8 which is to make a link, for example if you type www.ebay.com, you click that sideways 8 and it will make it so when you click on it, it will go to ebay. The little square that looks like a picture beside that, you click on that if you want to add a picture, then it opens a new box. There’s an empty square then a box that says “browse” beside it. If you know where the picture is on your computer that you want to add, click Browse, and go to where the picture is, so it shows up in the empty box, then click “add”, and it shows up here. Very easy once you do it once.
Gentle hugs


Thanks Shelia will give that a try.

But you know the saying . Can’t teach an old dog new tricks X x

Love Jo X x