Hello all. I haven't posted in a while but read on here almost daily. I was diagnosed with TN in the summer of 2010. What I want to discuss, however, is a neck problem that I seem to be having. For the last several weeks my neck has been hurting and feels really tight. I told my husband that it feels like there is bunch of bricks on my head and weighing my head down on my neck. I also am experiencing some crackling like noises in my neck. It sounds like rice krispies when you add the milk. It doesn't hurt when it makes the sounds but I can feel them. It happens no matter what I'm doing. Last night I was just laying down in bed and my neck started making the crackling feeling/noise. Then tonight I was drying my hair and I bent down and turned my head down to get the back of my hair and I noticed that right under my hair line at the very top of my neck there is a raised place. I ran straight to my husband and asked to feel the back of his neck to see if he had this raised place on his but he didn't. This is not visible but you can feel it when you move your hand over it. I am so worried about what this could be. I also wonder if this problem could be contributing to my TN pain at all. Thanks everyone and hope you all are having a pain free day!


I have had the same thing there for at least 5 years told my doc she didnt seem concerned...

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that b/c to me this does NOT seem normal!


I’m not sure if there is a connection with TN, yet I would ask your MD for an MRI of your spine, you could be developing arthritis in the neck or something else. Better be safe then sorry…