Nausea/Vomiting Meds Don't Work So

...They have put me on Thorazine and Phenobarbital. I have tried all the usual meds: Reglan, Zofran, Tygan, Companzine. Phenergan used to work but hasn't the past week. This new combo makes me VERY sleepy but works. Anyone else use them for nausea? They are an antipsychotics and a tranquilizer but they kept me out of the ER for vomiting.

Hi, it seems to me you are taking/have taken a lot of different meds, but I wonder if you've realised that some meds take up to three weeks to have any effect, but because the pain can be so severe we quickly (sometimes too quickly) believe the meds are not working and discard them and move onto something else, when it might just be that they need more time to work. I know it's hell to stick it out for any length of time with a med that you think isn't working, but maybe something to think about especially into the future. All the best.

The ONLY thing I found that works on nausea, and not 100% is sucking on ginger candy. I am serious. I tried all the drugs that you listed and they didn't work. I decided to try the old way to handle nausea and started with ginger tea, which worked but only as long as you are sipping it. Found ginger candy at the supermarket and it's really chewy and if you take a huge bite it's actually too hot. But sucking on a small piece keeps the ginger constantly in your system. It's a little hard to find. Whole foods carry some. These are my favorite and quite good. I liked the orange and mango the best. They will work - to a point. But I always keep some with me.

I find nibbling on ginger cookies really works very well for nausea.

Anti-psychotics are NOT "usual meds" for trigeminal nerve pain. Are you dealing with significant anxiety attacks too?
Regards, Red

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried the ginger candy but it came back out so I gave up. Maybe I’ll try having it in my system. But I drink juiced ginger with my juiced veggies. Would that be the same?
I should have mentioned a few things.

  1. The anti-psychotics are strictly for the vomiting, not the neuralgia. I do not have anxiety issues. I take Tegretol. Topomax too but don’t know if that helps TN as well as migraines.
  2. My problem is more straight vomiting than nausea. I have a VERY hard time keeping anything down when the vomiting starts. (It starts when my TN pain flares up, they’re not sure if there’s a connection. Seems like there is though.)
  3. I have tried all of these meds except the 2 most recent ones for years. Phenergan and Tygan were my best bet until recently where I’ve ended up in the ER from them not working PO or via suppository. Sometimes they work IM or IV, but not always.