Natural Treatment posts by new member

Maybe I am being overprotective or maybe my attorney brain is in over drive.

A newer member, erin, has posted several replys to people recommending natural supplements going so far as giving places and phone numbers of where they can be purchased. In looking at what she is recommending I can find no research or tie to anything that suggests they would be helpful for TN. Granted I did a quick check only.

Anyone else caught this? Red, am I missing research here? And is this something we should be concerned about?

I don't think you are being overprotective, Lisa. I think editing out the specific information about how to obtain the supplements at 1 - 800 - homeopathy makes good sense. It is scary how some members will ignore their doctors but take any suggestion offered by an anonymous person on a forum. You can wait for more feedback from the team, but I would recommend deleting the message and sending a pm to the poster that we don't allow promotion of specific products or services on the forum.

Yikes, I see she has posted at least a half dozen times about the stuff. Either a plant or a fanatic. Repeat recommendations of this kind are essentially spam. I recommend all half dozen be deleted. Thank you so much for flagging this, Lisa.

I didn’t see this. I just posted below about the same thing. She has no idea what she is talking about