Myofascial release - another few months

This thing is so weird! It is so gentle, but can trigger me with dreadful pain - even when the therapist works on my sacrum and hip. Still keeping it up, I have been hyper-triggered after my holiday to Australia, where I totallly forgot to factor in the a/c... Somehow, the last few sessions I can really sense a difference,and she has been able to work on me for a little longer- probably because I have steadily increased the amitryptiline. We have now just arrived at the point where she 'can get some real work in.'so I am axcited to see if anything will better. She has doubtlessly worked some kind of miracle on my hip, which has been out since I overdid some hiking in March.

I keep up with it, because I can feel a connection between what she is doing and my face (and because my dad pays for it...). Last time, my face became totally warm and relaxed, blissfull! Highly recommended if you have a dentist dad who is desperate to help, lol.( It does cost £45 everytime.)