Has anybody heard of facial Myalgia. How to treat it? What medication to take for it? Anybody dealt with it?

Myalgia without a traumatic history is often due to viral infections. In its purest sense myalgia is "muscle pain" There are multiple reasons and causes for it. Not that I'm cynical but it sounds like your Doc isn't quite sure WHAT is going on at this point and is still looking.....


Your not entirely specific but this link might share some light on myalgia and face pain.

Thank you Modsupport & aiculsamoth for your response. The story of my face pain is:
5 years ago I tried to do a tooth implant. Things went wrong. The Doctor totally messed up and I suffered for 8 months before my nerve finally went into remission. I thought it is all gone & cured. 3 years ago I had to take the tooth adjacent to out. It was giving me problem. In the process the pain came back and again went to remission after 8 months. Stupidly I decided to follow up on the implant and did bone grafting not knowing what I have. After a few months things look good then all of a sudden hell broke loose. I start having pain on my lower left jaw and upper left chick muscles. After seeing a dentist that specializes in pain management. I got the verdict that my lower left jaw is Trigeminal Neurapathy and my upper left chick pain is due to Myalgia. After 8.5 months my lower left pain has subsided but my upper left problem still persists. I am not sure if I have Mialgia that is why I put it on discussion. In fact I still need to see a decent Neuralogist that specializes in TN. I live in Northern California and my insurance is Kaiser.

I have Tn that started in a tooth. The pain goes along the jaw into my cheek. That’s a constant, achy pain in the cheek. I have atypical TN. Any constant or long lasting pain with TN is considered atypical. Could this be what you have?