My updates since last visit: fibromyalgia, head tilt, cervix spine movement, aloe vera, cactus gel, Aspercreme pain relief and Lamictal hives

It has been a while since I last logged in. I will share some my experience for TN pain.

1, diagnose: I recently walked into a integrative medicine doctor accidentally when I try to find a pain doctor. He mentioned I may have fibromyalgia. I talked to my family doctor she agreed with. I think I saw it somewhere in this website. So I just wonder maybe it is common or at at least for some trigeminal neuralgia patient to have multiple pain sites. Personality-wise I tend to be a little anxious, goal-driven and my mind is always busy. my muscles are always tense.

2, Head tilt: my head slighted tilts to my right side. It started when I was in middle school . I deliberately tilted my head to accommodate seat rotation. One day I slept in the couch with my head tilted too much to my right side. I felt the pain, so I wonder maybe the head tilt position actually aggregated the pain, or even caused pain at late years. Right now I try to put my head upright, not my sick side either, because when I tilted to my left, my right side felt tension.

3, Neck movement: I heard a physical therapist said our neck moves the least every day. Not like our knees joint, hip joint and back, you really move neck a little. So, now every day when I do my every meditation, I’ll just move my neck around, rotate backwards for 15 to 20 minutes, so I can lose up my disc and my muscle attached to it.

4, Aloe Vera gel did a little to me. Cactus gel irritate my skin and did not work.

5, Aspercreme pain relief works better than lidocaine cream. I have used this pain relief for my back and knee pain. One day I thought I gave it a try for my trigeminal nerve pain. I noticed the result the same day! I hope it can completely take my pay away one day.

6, Lamictal hives. I have tried Lamictal recently. I started have hives on days 4. Prior to that , I was taking Benadryl for my cough . the hives lasted few days with Benadryl’s help .Lamictal can cause life threatening skin conditions . I was scared to know that afterwards.

I am in a longest episode of pain, almost a year now. Sometime is better. Some time is worse. All oral medications has failed to work and my TN is not indicated for surgery. I am going to consult an orthodontic to see if aligning a few teeth would help, since my was cause when those teeth were moved incorrectly.

Hope everyone can find the right solution!

Glad you are getting some relief with the aloe Vera and aspercream. Where do you put the cream? My Nuerologist gave mea prescription for 4mg of oral lidocaine to put on my gum but I am a little nervous about it because I don’t want my throat to get numb. Have you ever tried oral lidocaine?

I apply pain cream on my face, not to my mouth. Never tried in my mouth for this pain.

I’m glad you’re looking for solutions and are finding some that help. I to have a type of trigeminal neuralgia that is not operable. I also happen to have fibromyalgia. I’m not sure that it happens to all 10 folks but it’s possible. I also have noticed that a lot of people who get trigeminal neuralgia in their 50s or 60s often have had migraine histories. I know I certainly did and my migraines were major until I finally went through menopause.