My Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

After suffering for nearly 4 years with Trigeminal Neuralgia, version 3, I am now using a treatment that has greatly helped me. Although this treatment isn’t a cure all, I am completely off of the powerful drugs and have very little pain. I have created and published a couple of YouTube videos called “My Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain” in order to show my treatment of using an Ultrasonic Massager for pain relief.

I want to add here that after reading on this site the many types of TN and different pains suffered by those who have TN that my pain is the type that feels like an on again/off again electric shock. There was also basically a constant pain in the front of the ear near the area which is called the Trigeminal Ganglion, the area where all the nerves are branching out of. Also, I had terrific pain amongst my lower teeth and gum area ending in the center of my chin. Using the method I describe here I have pretty much alleviated all that pain.

At first, I found a website promoting a device called a PainShield developed by an Israel firm for TN pain. The PainShield (you can google PainShield to visit their website) consists of an ultrasonic transducer contained within what I will call a facial patch. This transducer is controlled by an external module to emit an ultrasonic sound wave (30 minutes on and 30 minutes off) that is meant to massage the nerves that lay deep inside the face. They claim a 70% success rate of reducing the TN pain. Like you, thinking that this just might be something I would like to try but finding the cost at nearly $600, plus $39 a patch, I felt there must be something less expensive. Looking for an alliterative Ultrasonic Massager I found one online (searching eBay and amazon websites) that emits a 1 MHz sound wave for less than $30. These type of devices are used everyday for doing what is known as ultrasound procedures on pregnant women so I felt safe in experimenting with this treatment. Using this device with a facial gel I can claim enormous relief. At first I was using an ultrasound gel but right now I am using Burt Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment (found in the baby care section of your store) and my device once a day at 10pm before going to bed. I have no pain and I’m able to sleep soundly even lying on my injured side. Now this isn’t a cure all, I still have ‘lower gum line’ pain while eating or brushing my teeth but that’s even getting better now. If you would like to see what I use you can view my videos below. They make many models and versions of this type of massager but I looked for one that emits the 1 MHz sound wave. I don’t hear or feel a vibration while using the device. This is meant to work in just that way. My medication was $300 for a 90 day supply (with a good insurance plan) and the medication had loss it’s effectiveness and I ended up taking more and more. By the way, do not just stop cold turkey these powerful drugs, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. It took me about 10 days of tapering off to go completely drug free. Anyway, I spent less than $40 now with my treatment and I’m nearly pain free.
This is the method that has worked for me.

I found that the proper use of the Ultrasonic Massager is one where you keep the massager in a constant circular motion. Moving along the cheekbone, down to the jaw bone, up and around the jaw and pass the ear. I personally like to give the area in front of the ear an extra one or two motions of up and down since this area is called the Trigeminal Ganglion and the area which I called pain central, this was a very painful area of my face, but no longer. After which I will continue the circular motion until I complete the massage.

I would not attempt to use the EMS function of the device as this function actually sends out small electrical shocks to stimulate muscles. Who need electrical shocks when you are suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I ignore the EMS function and the settings on the side of the unit that deals with the EMS only. I actually threw out the electrodes that came with the unit.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I a salesman. I am a Trigeminal Neuralgia pain sufferer who is reaching out to others who may be suffering from Trigeminal or some other facial nerve pain and sharing my method of treatment. Should you try my method of treatment you do so at your own risk. If you have a treatment to share, or an experience please leave us all a note. I will try and answer any of your questions or concerns here and on YouTube.

DO NOT USE these devices near the eyeball or other soft tissue areas.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to follow the instructions and safety precautions of any device you may use. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this. I have TN GN and Occipital Neuralgia (caused by MVD surgery). I am not able to take many of the drugs because on allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. I suffer every day with pain to my face, ear and whole right side of head. If this works for me it would be a miracle. I am in tears just thinking about it. I will let you know. I am going to order the device right now. Thank you for your willingness to share!

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I am hoping the best for you Nora1. Be sure to use your device with a gel or some other lubricant as this seemed to work best for me. As I said in the posting I am using Burt Bees ointment which is similar to Vaseline Jelly but the device glides better and is easier cleaned off if needed. Of course do not submerge your device in water. :smiley:

wallax2 thank you for posting this. I bought a pricey Fisher-Wallace device (not the same as the device developed in Israel), which did not work for me, but I am very tempted to try your approach. Can you please tell me how long your massage sessions lasted when you first began? I have a different type of TN from yours (mine is the kind that is there constantly, except for when I sleep), but mine is in the same area as yours. Please advise and thanks again for sharing! May you continue to improve.

Nora1, what type of TN is yours? The shocking kind or the constant aching, burning type? Mine is the constant one. If you try this and it helps, please post back here and I will do the same. Thanks and good luck!

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Hollywood_Girl, I am not familiar with using any other devices including the PainShield, so I can only testify on what I have used. At first I used the device that I have several times a day but I didn’t have the gel or did I use any other lubricant. Live and learn, I then introduced the different lubrications and found that I have had much better results. The longer I have used this I find it less and less needed! I now give myself a 3 min massage before going to bed and I’m good. Here it is 14 hours since I used it last and I’m still good. But I can see it over there next to the sofa just in case. hahaha. I have been using this treatment since the middle of December. Good luck and if there is anything else…

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wallax2 thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It’s truly amazing that you are down to 3 minutes and doing great. I’m so happy for you. Can you please tell me how many minutes you recommend for someone starting out, like me? Thanks again.

Hollywood_Girl, Being retired and new to this website I’m here today a lot!! LOL I looked up that Fisher-Wallace device and that is totally different from what we are discussing here. I can only suggest using the device as much as you want too at first. Like I said I was using it quite a bit at first, with a “treatment” lasting about 3-5 mins. When I started using a lubricant I was able to notice a much better result. I like a lubricant that doesn’t dry up as you use it. Ultrasound Gel will actually dry up as you use the device needing to add more gel. I have had luck with olive oil or coconut oil but it leaves a real oily mess on the device. This ointment I am now using has really worked the best so far. If you find something better please inform us all. Thanks.

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wallax2 This is such useful information. I agree, the Fisher-Wallace was different and did not work for me. I am off to find and order a device! And the same lubricant that you are using. Thank you!!!

wallax2, sorry to be such a pest. Would you mind telling me the brand of massager you got? Since it worked so well for you, I would like to replicate everything as exacting as possible. Thanks!

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Well, I said I wasn’t a salesman so don’t take this as a sales pitch. If you are an eBay user you can add the following numbers as this: 372605611209 into ebay’s search engine. It should take you right to an eBay listing for the massager. If you can wait for one to come from overseas look at # 273546057936. The following numbers will take to the ointment: 153248216432 Although, you can find the ointment in the baby care section of almost any store. I actually think its for baby’s diaper rash. Hahahah. When we bought some of this ointment, we thought it might help with Eczema. I ended up using it with this massager and it worked well.:slightly_smiling_face:

Can anyone list a link or name of unit they bought? I’m having trouble searching due to limited vision.
Many are infra-red. is this good/bad?
I have atypical facial pain, constant. Had 2 MVDs which helped about 50%, but I desperately need more relief. Pain and pulsing interfere with every aspect of life.

RD1, I know that pulsing feeling. Kinda of a electric shock/buzz in my case. Yes this device has an infra-red option along with a EMS option which I don’t use. Sometimes the infra-red feels nice but not needed. If you look at the last reply I made here I give a couple of shortcuts on eBay. Just enter those numbers in the ebay search engine.

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Oh, I see that earlier post. Sorry! So you can turn OFF the infra-red? I don’t want a unit where it’s on all the time. It seems that would make the burning worse. Thank you!

wallax2 Thank you, I just ordered both. And I know you’re not a salesman, or you would have listed the product immediately. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and I will report back once mine arrives (Feb 25) and I’ve had several days of treatment to comment on. Have a great day!

Yes, use only the function you want. The Ultrasonic is the only function thats needed. There is a High and a Low setting of the Ultrasonic function.

I found one Portable Therapy Care Ultra-1000 at Amazon. It has only one ultrasound function. It may be alternative to what
wallax2 used. I want give it a try with this one and ordered the same. It takes 7 business days to receive.

I like it. As I mentioned in my postings there are many to choose from out there. Keep us informed, it looks just right. :slightly_smiling_face:

This seller doesn’t ship to Israel,
What can I do???
Please help me

I found many “ultrasonic massagers” on ebay’s Israel site. Try item number# 123517129446. I’m sure there is something on the Amazon site also.
Make sure you use a facial ointment or gel to allow the device to glide over your face for best results. Let us know how it works for you.