My Recent MVD Surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia

I just recently had MVD surgery on Aug 30, 2010 at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. My surgery so for as been very successful.
I had one large blood vessel that was laying on the Trigeminal Nerve and was compressing the nerve in a v pattern. The nerve was very irritated from this. My surgeon was able to pull the blood vessel back, and compress the area. He said it was an easy procedure to do and I should not ever have any complications ( TN pain again, Yeah!!!!) from it. My surgery lasted 2 and 1/2 hours from start to where I was placed in ICU. I could not believe one blood vessel touching one spot,could be causing me so.....much horrible pain and was totally destroying my life. I am so thankful, that I live in a day and age where there are Dr.s with the knowledge and surgical procedures that can fix these problems. My Dr. was very good. I feel like I have gotten my life back. I still have some of that fear; that it will strike any minute, but it is getting better. So for I have not had not even One strike, small shock, anything, It has been wonderful!!!!
If I can help anyone who might be thinking about the surgery are just living with this horrible thing TN please let me know! LInda

Linda, Hi and Thank you for such an inspiring success story!

I am so glad you haven’t had a single strike since the operation! That is simply the most wonderful news! Congratulations and I am happy to also hear you’re still happy to participate here and help others who are considering surgery!

Thank you for your wonderful update, and I hope that the fear of the strikes will also fade in time for your Linda!!

Kindest regards,


Hi Linda,
That is wonderful news. I hope your TN never comes back. And it takes awhile to get over the fear. I am far from being pain free but I am over the fear of the really bad pain. It is wonderful to brush my teeth without the fear. I am happy for you.

Happy for you that’s wonderful. That happened to me too when I woke up from my MVD. NO PAIN it was the greatest. It took a long time for the fear to go away for me too. I wish another MVD was an option for me I am sold on it. 10 yrs pain free was the best!

Dear Linda, I am so glad for your success and your gratitude. Just take things nice and slow, as we all seem to need to be reminded that we had brain surgery! Wishing you pain-free days…I love good MVD stories!! Thank you, bob

im so glad to hear your pain free, its something i pray for us all eventually :slight_smile:

may i ask, does the surgery give you any permenant scars? im worried about marks and scars :frowning:

Hi, Nadeem,
Thank you, and so for it is wonderful and I do pray everyone to be free of this terrible pain. Well, I am going to have a scar behind my ear, but I do think my surgeon did an excellent job and after a year it will be barely notice able.

Linda, I am so happy to hear your wonderful news. CONGRATS!!! I am meeting with my neurosurgeon Oct. 6th to schedule my MVD. Of course I am a bit nervous fearing that it may not work or if it does work that it will only last for a short time. But I am on 2400mg of Tegretol a day and morphine to control the pain and a walking zombie most of the time. With that said, I would just be happy to be free of the pain even for a short period of time. Crossing my fingers that it is for good but even some time is better than now. I am hoping and praying that you continue to stay pain free. Hugs

Hi, Shelley
Thank you for the prayers and hugs! So for I have been pain free! I do still have the tingling feeling from time to time in my face, where the nerve area is, but Hopefully that will go away in time as the surgery heals. I do know how nervous you must be. So for, I am so…glad I decided to have the MVD surgery. If I can help answer any questions you might have from my experience, just let me know. I will be praying for you. Take care.

The surgery is the best. I fully believe that. Im so glad you are pain free too.

Wishing your husband a speedy recover.. God Bless you all..