I had it done May 19th. The surgeon was very pleased with his work. He found 3 compressions and tumors. One was very obvious, one was less so and one was hiding. Luckily the doctor had a hunch and followed it down further along my brain stem. At the base where the brain stem and spinal cord come together I had another. The doctor is confident he got them all.

I woke up in ICU but I only remember a few things. I spent 3 days in ICU. I couldn’t keep anything down. Doc said this was common with brain surgery. I also have a tingly feeling on most of the right side of my face. Like Novocaine wearing off. My lips are numb, my cheek, my ear, my tongue and the right side of the back of my skull. Doc said this will diminish with time. He said the biggest compression was deep. As it heals he feels the numbness will go away.

The pain from surgery is not bad. My shoulder is the worst part. I can’t move my right arm very much and I have a knot . I use a heating pad and try to work it as PT showed me. I am taking a few Tylenol a day but not because my head hurts. I have had a few headaches but nothing bad. I am not supposed to bend over, lift or drive. I should be able to start doing these things next week. I did bend over last week and fell. Nothing horrible, just ended up on my rear at the side of the bed until someone came in and helped me up. I don’t bend over now.

We are now 17 days out and I itch. My head itches, my face itches. Every thing is healing but ohhhh does it itch. When I wear my hair down you can’t tell at all but when its up I get comments and stares. I get tired of people making comments so I wear my hair down often. Overall, I am doing well. I hope this helps anyone thinking of having MDV.

Oh Bobbie,

I sure pray this is a permentnet solution for you. Keep use updated on your up and downs

Congratulations Bobbie!!!

So happy the surgery went well and the tumors were found and are gone. Did they show up on any MRIs? Glad the healing is going well. You will be giving hope to a lot of others.


Thank you ladies. The tumors are benign. One did show up on MRI. I am trying to rest and relax. Its just not in my nature to sit still very well. Thank you for your well wishes.

It's great that you are doing so well Bobbie. I'm likely to have a MVD in the near future and it helps a lot to know that others are benefiting from the operation. It's a big step but it seems it is the way forward for many of us on here.

Take it easy. x

Oh boy do I want to have this MVD done. Just diagnosed recently and my Neurologist keeps telling me that surgery is no good for TN. So, my question is this, how can I possibly even get to see a surgeon if my Neuro keeps saying that?

So happy for you and the relief you have gotten! Much love

Love Ali

Alibaby, my neurologist doesn't even know I had the surgery. I went to the neurosurgeon on my own. Make an appointment, ask lots of questions. There are options.

Wish you the best, B

stay in touch with your neurosurgeon about these post-op symptoms.