My MVD is this Wednesday, Feb.26/14!

Yikes! Wish me luck! I feel prepared thanks to this site but I'm still kind of nervous!Can't wait to be on the flip side!

All the best of wishes doulanana!
I’ll be thinkng of you on Wednesday and will pray for a positive outcome!
Dr. F is well respected and highly skilled, trust that you’ll be better on the flip side!! Nerves are normal!
Huge ((( hugs ))) Mimi xx
Please update when you’re able! :slight_smile:

It can make your life better! Keep positive thoughts, and realllly rest for about two to three weeks if you can… Many women get out of bed, a very few days later AND

start bending down and unloading dishwasher, taking trash out, playing on the floor with grand kids or pets…gardening…

and undo the surgery !

I have read, heard , and believe this can happen.


: )

I will be sending prayers up for you tomorrow and wishing you to be pain free on the flip side!!! Please keep us posted afterwards on your success :wink:

Will be thinking and praying for you that Wednesday is the end of your TN pain. Good Luck!!

Good luck with the surgery


Wishing you the best!! Take it super easy while you recover!