My Mother got her MVD wish


I took my mom to see her neurosurgeon yesterday. Her Trigeminal Neuralgia is so bad and she is on so much Tegritol and Topiramate that she can barely function at all. She has been praying for a miracle and for the MVD surgery. The Neurosurgeon was extremely nice and explained the surgery to her as well as the risks. He says the MVD surgery has a 85% success rate. At first he said he was booking new surgerys for April. My mom started crying an I pleaded with the doctor to please help her and bring her back to me. He looked at me with kind eyes an said ok...come with me. We walked to the desk where his scheduling book was and he put my mom down for her surgery for February 26. Tomorrow!! My mom and I were completely shocked. The doctor arranged for her to have all the pre admission tests done yesterday afternoon. One of the nurses who was giving my mom her EKG noticed she had a red rash on her torso. Mom said she had been a little itchy but she has been so out of it that she never thought to mention it. The nurse said its most likely a reaction to all the Tegretol. As long as there is no rash where they will make the incision she should be ok. I am a nervous wreck. I am glad my mom is getting her wish but i am still terrified. I just want her to be ok. Thanks for listening.

Praying that your Mother will have a good surgery, and finally have some relief. My TN was in remission for a year and I started feeling twinges this week again. I am 68.

We are here to listen so no thanks required. :) Hope everything goes well. You're doing a great job having got your mum to surgery so quickly. Remember you are not alone and any time you feel down just pop on by. Take care, Colin

I hope your mother is going to get through this. I had my first bout last November and was diagnosed. Im in remission but starting to feel twinges again