My first Gum-Free day!

Yesterday I reached a milestone–the first day in many months that I was able to get through the entire day without chewing gum to distract the nerve! I started chewing gum, as a substitute for using a mouth guard, back in July, if I recall correctly. It became pretty much an all day habit, at the worst I was going through a pack and a half a day. Not really pleasant, stupid looking, and I’m sure not great for my teeth. But we do what we have to do to make it through.

I have ATN, TN2, NP, whatever you want to call it. Basically it is a constant pain of some sort in the left half of my mouth during all waking hours–burning, itching, aching, tightness or a mixture. The pain level goes up and down with a definite circadian rhythm, but it always there.

The low point was when my dog almost died after getting into a pack of sugar-free gum. I found out that one stick could kill him, and spent 2 days absolutely scouring the house for gum, totally paranoid. I ended up switching to sugared gum, not great for the teeth.

But with the use of topical meds, I was able to slowly reduce the number of sticks. And yesterday I managed, without too much discomfort, to get through the entire day without that crutch! Very happy to get to that point, and I’m sure things will improve from here on out. Today I’m stuck at home and my teeth are being more bothersome, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it. It is an up and down process.

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Oh Ziggy
I hope you made it.When I read gum free day in dental related I thought maybe there is surgery to remove the painful gums now.But whatever.Glad you have gotten this far.Gives me hope.The neurosurgeon told me that my pain is neuropathic so no surgery.But I do have baclofen now-which seems to keep my face from twisting.
It would really bother me if my cat almost died because of my meds.I don’t know what would happen if she drank my marijuana oil

that sounds really scary!

My first TN attack was so bad I was using mouthwash to distract the pain – it seemed to “move” the pain and numbness/tingling to the side of my face that was not TN.

But then I burned my whole mouth because you’re not supposed to use mouthwash over and over again. I then had more than one type of “wierd” pain to deal with. I stopped immediately when I realized how bad I’d burned my gums.

Hope you can wean without being too uncomfortable!

Thanks Ellen and Melissa, I did not make it through the day yesterday without gum, but I only had 5 pieces. I don’t think that is too bad considering I had a meeting and had to talk quite a bit, which always stirs things up.

Yes, mouthwash has proven to be too caustic for me. I even gave up toothpaste. I’m fortunate that my husband will still kiss me!

Hey whatever works. Good for you! I can’t seem to walk and chew gum so I use my mouth guard all day. Your encouraging news is welcomed by many here. Thank you for sharing.