My Eye Hurts/Feels Weird

So I guess I just wanted to hear from other people what they think or if they have simalar symptoms,soo most of the time somthing is going on with my eye- mostly it just hurts/burns, but I notice that my vision is weird, or it feels like I have a layor of somthing over it, or ive felt like somthing is pushing against my eye. The feelings I have with my eye are not really explainable in words, its not like its blury, but somthing is wrong/weird... am I alone with this? Does anyone else know what I am talking about so that I can better explain it to a doctor?

I have them same feeling sometimes. Usually mine goes with intense pain along the my eyebrow bone. I feels like I have a dry-warm contact stuck on my eye. Ugh. Then my eye starts to water. Hang in there. Peace and strength! -Aimee

thank you! yeah Ive never had contacts so I dont know that feeling and I do get a lot of eyebrow bone pain too! It seems like this is getting worse for me and I have an appointment comming up in a week so I guess im just trying to figure out the best way to explain it, or how other people have explained it I guess. Thanks!!

I have severe migraines behind my eye, right along the eyebrow bone. That's on the opposite side of my TNP though.

Separate from that, sometimes my eyes just feel irritated because the meds dry me out. If a med gives you "dry mouth", chances are you're getting dry eyes too. I use drops and it helps a lot.

I hope it's just a fleeting thing for you!

My TN 1, started after I had a severe eye infection,(they think thats what triggered it). So, just before and during the time I'm in pain, my left eye starts getting feeling like its blurry and twitching. When I was at the Dr last month, he looked at me and told me I was in pain at the time and I asked how he knew. He said your eye is twitching and I said yes and it feels like I have something covering it like a film.


what did they do about your eye infection? I hope this is getting better for you. How would they know that you have one? The doctor looked at my eye but didn't really say much about it (even though I was very concerned) just curious on how would they know if its infected?


I had an eye infection in August of 2010,(took 2 weeks to clear it up) and I went to the eye Doctor at that time. She was pretty sure that it was a staph infection in my left eye. It was after that, that I started having these sharp pains on the left side of my face. The pain would only last for 30 seconds or less at first and usually when I was driving my motorcycle. Over the next couple of months I would get the pains while I was eating, talking, walking, sleeping or anything else one would normally do. Thats when I went to my Dr and was diagnosed with TN. I have been lucky with no eye infections since then.

My left eye is now what I call a: tattle tale for me when I am having an episode or pain. My former co workers, boyfriend and my close friends can tell because of it. I hope this helps you by me telling you my story.


I get a sore eye especially in the morning, rubbing/touching my closed eye really hurts. Not surprising really considering the trigeminal nerve innervates round the eye.

I experience the similar eye "weirdness." I often feel like the outside corner of my eye has an eyelash in it, my vision seems blury but it isn't and I have TN like pain in my eye. Generally speaking, when my eye begins to bother me it is a precurser to a large pain attack in the rest of my face. This isn't always the case but it is something that I pay attention to.

I have had my eyes checked with an optomitrist and I have perfect vision (10/20). I don't wear glasses or contacts.

Hope this helps to quell your fears.

Best. Johanna

I get that eyelash in the eye feeling tooo!!! I always go to the mirror looking for one in there and nothing is there Johanna. Plus the other day I was at work and all of a sudden I had a stab feeling in that same eye. Didn't last long but... OWWW. Geez.

Yes! thank you so much seriously its so frustrating when you feel like somthing is in your eye, but i get the feeling like my vision is blury but its not a lot. very very weird feeling. I also have perfect vision so having these syptoms really scares me but it does go away when I am having a "good day" as I like to call it, but I also feel like my cheek and I start bothering me first before an "attack"

My left eye often feels like it's blurry and the focus is wrong. If I push against my cheek/temple, I can see straighter. Pretty sure it's due to inflammation. Also, if I spend much time in front of a computer or reading a book, it's like my eyes get 'stuck', but they are not dry. It's hard to refocus. I've had my eyes checked, they're fine, had the retinal scan done to check for underlying problems, there's nothing going on. I have the eyebrow pain too, and when I do have the facial pain that creeps up into a headache, there's a pressure point just under the brow bone about where you'd normally start to pluck the eyebrow, that if I press that, I get quite a bit of relief - both for sinus pressure and headache.

I get pain in my eye as well my eyelashes hurt sometimes so bad I just wanna rip them out and I get that feeling like there is a film over my eye and my vision is strange. It really sucks but i know what your going through girl just hang in there I have hope one day they will find a way to help all of us better and the doctors will begin to gain a better understanding of what we are going through but in the meantime I will say a little prayer for all of you guys God bless

I have that feeling too. But I would really want to make sure you dont have optic neuritis or something else. At first I thought that was what I had when I first got TN (similar to what you describe, but w/o the filmy feeling, pain and weirdness), but things moved also into the other areas of my face (nose,cheek,teeth, jaw, ear). My biggest problems though are really in my eyes (I have TNII bilaterally) but I have pain and trigger areas all over my face.
Hope you feel better soon!!


I have had and am having now what I call an eye ache. It is actually caused by optical nueritis and it is the first symptom of MS but you may not have MS, go to a nuero opthamologist. Or just an opthamologist. I also have blurred vision, or yes it can feel like a film over your eye. Color can be distorted too. Yes I do have MS and it is best diagnosed early and get on disease modifying meds right away. Google it and read as much as you can.