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My experience with the PainShield --- from a Newbie Member


Hi Regaarding your experience with the PainShield: As long as there is a damaged nerve or some process that keeps re-injuring the nerve, there cannot be comp complete relief, kind of by definition. In my case, the nerve seems to be damaged by something going on in the hinge of my jaw, for example, that can re-injure the nerve. So, I am careful to not chew on tough meat and that kind of thing. The location of your prior injury to a branch of the TG nerve is unusual, so I don’t have any direct experience to share. However, a fifty percent change in 4 weeks (after you placed the transducer in the right place) is hopeful and perhaps further use will improve things further. If it is not a nerve that is flexed or pinched in day to day use, it is POSSIBLE that the PainShield could help the damage of the myelin covering of the nerve by improving local blood flow, for example. But that is only a guess, since you have an unusual location and source of the injury.


He SwedeP,

I am glad that pain shield has worked for you.
It has worked for me too. I am sufffering from Type-2 TN for the past 5 years. Painshield helps me to avoid surgery of any kind. I have been using it for the past 2 months. I have purchased the device from a supplier in India. The problem is that the patches work only for about 10 days, after which there is a beeping sound from the device. YOu said that your patches last a month? Do you use it daily?



Glad to hear that you are getting relief from PainShield. I am not sure why you are getting such short lives out of the transducers. When I use PainShield, I do indeed use it daily, but have never had a transducer last such a short time. I am wondering if the manufacturer has changed the tolerances in the software to increase their purchases. The other possibility is that the device is not tight enough against your face. I used medical tape to hold the device against my face—mainly to improve the contact of the device. But I wonder if the transducer wears out faster if it has too large a air gap versus your face. Perhaps it is damaged by the lack of tension on the device face. . My recollection is that I got about a month’s use easily from each transducer.

I usually get an extended period of relief after a few weeks’ use. I hope you can solve this problem.

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