My Experience after mvd surgery

Just over 1 year ago I flew to Cedar Sinai in West LA from North Idaho to have mvd surgery. I met with Dr. Michael Alexander on a Thursday for consultation and had the surgery done on Friday the next day. Coming out of surgery and being wheeled into the icu unit I remember sitting up when I came out of the anesthetic saying I felt great, ha ha!! That first nite was a little rough as I had a pick in the artery for monitoring BP and other vitals. A line was also in my other arm, and a catheter in. All of this was very hard to move and was a bit uncomfortable. I ran a low grade fever, my blood sugar increased some, and I had some heart palpitations. I was a bit nauseated and had no appetite and very thirsty too. The next day I felt a lot better and by afternoon felt like getting up out of bed and eating. There was a little bit of unsteadiness when I moved around but not real bad. By that next morning I was released from the hospital again feeling just a very little bit unsteady and very slightly dizzy. The next 3-4 days I saw gradual improvement and by 1 week out I was ready to fly back home. I felt a bit tired for several weeks following but never had any incisional pain, head pain or headaches, and best of all I have had no return of any TN symptoms!!!!

Best wishes to all who face this condition. There is hope!!

The old guy from North Idaho.


I had seen my medical doctors who had the mri ordered confirming the entrapment of the trigeminal nerve by the internal cerebellar artery. I then started my search for a neuro surgeon to perform the surgery. I sent all of my records to him and scheduled the surgery which was just one day after seeing him for the first time. He had looked over my records prior to seeing me and so the consultation was really pretty brief. He did a few neurologic tests and asked a lot of questions and described the surgery and that was about it. Nothing to be nervous about. Are you scheduled to have surgery or is this your first consult with a neuro surgeon to determine if your a candidate for it?

Congrats Jay on your one year MVD -versary! So happy to hear you’ve remained pain free! I also appreciate that you are sharing your positive outcome with others! It gives hope…wishing you continued wellness !

(( hugs )) Mimi