My dog knows

We got little Moon after I hadbeen diagnosed as a friend for our german shepherd. I have noticed lately as my TN has gone completely out of control she seems more aware of me & my pain levels. She knows before i will start getting the electric shocks. 90lbs of fluff forces me to sit down & hug her very hard. It does make things less scary & not as painful. Does anyone have a therapy dog?

this is so weird because i had this experience a couple of weeks ago. I was walking my lab in a park and it was a beautiful day and he is usually a shi#$ disturber and is always tugging on his leash and chasing squirrels and generally just a pain in the butt when im walking him. Anyways i ended up getting the worst tn attack out of nowhere and i had to sit down and he was looking up at me and was standing right by my side and i know for a fact that he could feel i was in distress. He just laid at my feet and ignored all the geese and and dogs that were passing by and just kept looking up at me.

It was so touching for me because i know he is just a 1 year old puppy and doesnt quit have the ability to not get distracted, but he did this time.

I'm glad you have a loyal four legged friend, they are sometimes a bigger comfort than people.