My Doctor says " No Dogs!"

I'm so sad my doctor shared with me when I return from

my surgery I cannot have my dogs in my room. There very close

to me and my yorkie is hypoglycemic . I'm concerned that no one will see the signs of her getting a seizure. My Chihuahua is so gentle and quiet all she does is lay on my bed all day. He said for three weeks their my babies. Can someone share with me their experiences with their pets.

Thank you


thank you so much for your input . I'm truly grateful.

God Bless!

I could not have pets in my room either. Remember you will be out of the hospital in a short time. Could the vet write up something for the people, who will be watching your dogs, to let them know what to watch for?

My family will be here , but dogs are like your kids and I know the signals of when my tea cup yorkie is getting a seizure. It'll all work out . Thank you for your response I'm very grateful