My Diagnosis=Corneal erosions

I asked the question "Does this sound like TN" quite a while ago.

Some months ago I ended up going to Cedar Sinai, I was in so much pain. My wife drove me from the Tucson area all the way to Beverly Hills to see a corneal specialist, A Dr. Bose from the American Eye Institute. My stabbing pain came from corneal erosions due to chronic blepharitis and resulting dry eye.

His RX (which turned out to be spot on) was firstly use Genteal lubricating eye gel overnight and then daily wet heat applied twice a day to each eye to help unclog the oil glands followed by Tobradex ointment. After about 2 weeks I was feeling better and at 6 weeks I felt almost normal. What the doctor told me is that you can have an erosion and it can clear up in a few days or, even overnight. Although I still had pain afterward I followed his instructions regarding the Genteal gel and when I saw him the next day the erosions were gone. He even let my wife look in his scope to see the difference both before and after under blue light with the aid of eye drops. I continue to have flare-ups because as explained to me once you have chronic blepharitis it never goes totally away, but I have been able to control it and don't have the sharp stabbing pain anymore.

So in my case the stabbing pain was due to RCE, recurrent corneal erosions, due to chronic uncontrolled blepharitis.

For what it is worth,