My brain is shrinking physically - heard of this? Terrrrrified! Nurses, Biology Majors- I need plain english

I can only tackle one thing at a time -- I went to ER / weakness, lethargy - same thing happened in January -- potassium low -- -- wanted to keep me again but gave me potassium to go. I think this is related to some out of the "renal insufficiency" paper that he gave me. - Out of the blue - I didn't even ask about it because the next dx seemed worse.....wait for it.......

out of the blue - CAT scan of brain (cause I was dizzy) showed 2 things that I've never heard of and cannot find anything on the net in 45 min time so far -- I could type Blue Monkey Shit and get links that pop up - but not these -- have not gone to google scholar yet --too much in shock

Anyone heard of : Since your last cat scan 2 years ago,

you have developed Global Parenchymal volume loss greater than expected for your age (50)


9MM ossification in the anterior aspect of the right frontal sinus / could represent an osteoma

FOUND ostoma by itself - but still clueless .....a slow growing benign tumor of consisting of bone tissue; usually on the skull or mandible

(yet this ER dr. / radiologist did not even NOTICE my Titanium plate?????? WTF-- well the titanium plate is not in my frontal sinus -- that is all I know

Can't see GP till Mon/Tues

Can't think straight enough to figure out why these words come up on google , but separated by other sentences and unrelated stuff. That is the main problem......Broken links, journals I cannot access isn't helping either.

Anyone had these or know of somebody? I'd rather have a general idea before I go to GP.

I didn't know where else to turn - but I know so many here have "extra brain crap" going on

All day Sat and Sun. I have to sit on a couch, eat munchies and finish my CEUs to get my therapy certification - been waiting since 2009 -- that I can deal with

Thanks for any contributions - I don't know whether to cry or not-- I think mild shock-

I hope I have enough in my LTN Karma bank that the universe will guide one of you to my understanding of this!


Sorry, that's LWTN Karma Bank --- well brain is shrinking LOL Whaaaaaaaa

OMG! I can only advise you to contact our wise TN guru, my dear friend Red, Pretty sure he will know. pretty sure I don't have a monkeys, but wish I could help more. Big hug chuck x

Have you had chemotherapy or do you have MS?

KC, deep breaths my friend…
This is what I found, however read with open mind as parenchymal volume loss is a normal sign of aging, they have just noted yours is greater than “normal” for your age. Not necessarily a huge concern, but might correlate to something else going on…
is a relatively normal finding, as many people’s brains “shrink” as they get older, and this “volume loss” is seen in nearly everyone’s brain.
Global parenchymal volume loss.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classification and external resources

Osteoma of external auditory meatus
ICD-10 C40-C41
ICD-9 213.0
ICD-O: 9180/0, 9191/0, 9200/0
An osteoma (plural: “osteomata”) is a new piece of bone usually growing on another piece of bone, typically the skull. It is a benign tumor.
When the bone tumor grows on other bone it is known as “homoplastic osteoma”; when it grows on other tissue it is called “heteroplastic osteoma”.
Osteoma represents the most common benign neoplasm of the nose and paranasal sinuses. The cause of osteomata is uncertain, but commonly accepted theories propose embryologic, traumatic, or infectious causes. Osteomata are also found in Gardner’s syndrome. Larger craniofacial osteomata may cause facial pain, headache, and infection due to obstructed nasofrontal ducts. Often, craniofacial osteoma presents itself through ocular signs and symptoms (such as proptosis).[1]

Please don’t worry/panic, you may find that this is a clue that might contribute to your recent facial pain. Wait until you see doctor , I’m not a doctor, just a googler like you.
Our brains/ bodies are so complex…

Take care of you and DON’T worry, everything will be ok, keep your mind extra busy this weekend until you can see your Doctor and get a better explanation.

((( hugs ))) Mimi xx

Hi Kimberly

I see that Wizard Mimi has found some info for you so I hope it calms you down for a deep breath or two. Your brain can’t be shrinking too much if you can come up with a line like google Blue Monkey Shit:) . Also I see you in action here all the time with good fast answers. You’ve still got it for those exams, Master Advocate. And I bet you can bank on all that LwTN Karma for sure.

Really sorry to hear about the dizziness though, that’s tough shit while you’re trying to study.

Please don’t waste your energy on panic. The weekend will pass before you know it and your GP will have some answers.

Sending you some peaceful energy from Beautiful British Columbia…it’s lovely, calm, and sunny here today.

Big Hug for you (())


thanks guys -- hubby did research some --- So many things can cause brain shrinkage but - specifically in 2 years - the ER doc was adamant that I look into this as soon as possible. I don't even remember a CAT on brain 2 years ago - still shrinkingggggg LOL

And I didn't type that the other thing - benign growth thing - was on an MRI or CAT in 2009 --- nobody ever told me that-

Tomorrow last day of autism licensure - it will still be 2 years till I can practice without supervision and get an independent lic..... I need all the brain I can get!

I most likely freaking out more than I would - because trileptal robbed me of so much upstairs and that was only 1 year of my life. PTSD- I got my masters in 2009 and have been looking for my dream job - think I'll love it there -

Won't think about renal issues or brain tissues

till Monday -- I'll let ya know! Maybe it will help somebody else.

Ohhh somebody has sunshine??? Still eluding us in the middle of the USA!

I feeeeel your support coming thru the screen! Did you google Blue Monkey Shit???? LOL

Oh - No chemo or MS - just weird salivary gland stuff which others also have here!

Googled it……

Blue monkey shit brilliant, feel like that myself some days. About benign growth thing, don't know but ask docs name of it. there is a condition called an Acoustic neuroma which can cause T.N. symptoms and it is benign, if it is small they just monitor it to watch for any changes. It is a growth on Trigeminal Nerve. There is an op they can do but like MVD it is invasive so they only do it if absolutely necessary. It can also make you feel very dizzy and your hearing can be reduced with it. It is rare so probably not this but worth asking doc what it is.

Hope this helps some


Maybe Dr. Casey missed some blue monkey shit IN 2010 while doing my MVD in there!

Good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well with your appointment.


Good luck for tomorrow hope you get some relief

lots of cuddles


Kc Dancer Kc said:

Maybe Dr. Casey missed some blue monkey shit IN 2010 while doing my MVD in there!

hope all goes well good luck

Hopefully you are getting some good answers as I type. Let us know.

Been thinking about the shrinking brain as we age thing: maybe we don’t need all that space anymore. After all, hopefully we’ve let go of a lot of resentment, rage, and a bunch of useless blue monkey shit that was taking up a lot of space. Wisdom is so much more compact! Keep smiling.

Brain shrinkage has also been linked to chronic's a link to an article that synopsizes it, with footnotes that to articles that are further footnoted.

Good luck! My hubby is a therapist, I know what you are going through first (or actually, second,) hand. Keep your eye on the goal, you will be SO glad you did in the end!


Let us know when you find out what the doc says!! I hope all is going well. I’ve been thinking about you ever since I read this post.

I haven't been able to get the Blue Monkey video out of my head, lol! Thank you to whoever that was that googled it! I sure hope you got some reassuring answers from the neuro!!

Yeah, I'm a therapist - I can help YOU with your blue monkey shit -- but freak out about my own!! LOL Chronic Pain + Chronic stress (parent of special needs child for yearsss) + 30 years of ciggs, (not now)

many things shrink your brain -- I've got most of them!

My appt is with GP tomorrow (tues) and I'll see which way she points me and check in on this thread -- Thanksssssss : )

You are unforgettable Kimberley, and brave and bold and I’m thinking about you too and am on pins and needles waiting to hear how you make out tomorrow.

And you bellalarke are brave to live where you live.....cold/north/ferry transport

If drugstore wasn't .5 miles away - as a city girl I wouldn't know what to do.

Look up Navarre beach on google images --oh and the arial ones too

that is where I go in my head to calm down with clonazepam- the sand is color of snow and feels like cake flour.

- that is where we got married April Fools day 2011 LOL