My 'adventures' yesterday at the hospital - "eagles's syndrome"?

if i can share with you.

the last three days - i've had almost constant pain in levels more the usual (the usual i'm used to and don't make a fuss).

but the last days it was like some acidic feeling in the gums only on one side of course... like the gums where my molar was (it it extracted now) is acidic . i drove me crazt. one night i slept 2 hours and next day i didn't sleep a minute because of the pain. i went to work and the pain didn't stop- i though i can go insane.

there is no painkiller that can help - ER won't help. didn't knew what to do.

called my mother and she took me to some doctor he is a ENT doctored and he suggested to me in the past that it could be "Eagle's Syndrome". he checked my CT and said he can't decide. (and i've done so many xrays- i'm afraid to do more). he was nice - but really really gave me the impression it's not his territory and he didn't really wanted to help.

to check if it's eagle's - he gave me yesterday a shot (of Adrenalin and something like LIdocaine) to the Tonsil (in the throat). he did touch spot in my mouth - and seems like he hit the spot where the source of the pain.

i asked him that my pain is IN the gums - but he wanted to inject me in the throat.. i asked him if there could be a connection. he said yes.

i did the injection - and suprisingly there was a relief in the pain in my gums .

i waited there for two hours after the shot. the doctor came back. i told him there was some relief - but suprisigly - he said that if it WAS eagle's - the relief would be more dramatic (maybe he was right). he certainly showed that he didn't really wanted to get into this.

since he's one of the rare doctors here in Israel i know the knows this syndrome - i don't really know what to do next. i know Eagles' is "easly" diagnosed be a CT ... but i wasn't offered one and anyway- done too many this last year.

don't know what to think.

as for now - i have pain in swallowing (the shot was inside my throat) - but the gum pain - relieved. the first time a shot relieved my pain.

don't know what to make out of it.

just wanted to share.