MVD with Dr Casey

I am scheduled for MVD on October 16 with Dr Casey. Just wondered if anyone can give me some ideas on where to stay. My husband is the only one going with me since we live 4 hours away so we needed some info. I am starting to get nervous so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

OH! The best we did was hospital had a hospitality apartment 20 min away from hospital. they will set it up and it was as much cost or less as a regular hotel room.!! -- there was my husband and adult daughter.

We did this, because we wanted to stay one 2 nights before the surgery. I had not met Casey in person, and had to get my meeting with him.

we came from Missouri. Wanted to stay one or two nights after discharge, in the area just in case we needed to. we flew there and drove back.

If everything is okay, and you have met him already, then you should be able to stay somewhere for 3 nights or so. So you can get a hotel, or one person here had a bed and breakfast place.

I was one night in ICU - one night in regular room. 2 years ago next week! I only have a jolt now if I get air on my face at the grocery store in the freezer isle.

All my creams, patches and pills are gone.

You will be in good hands!

Wow! I have my MVD scheduled with Dr. Casey on October 30th - right after you! I booked that apartment that KC dancer is talking about for about a week. It is called Oakwood Commons (google it) and it is actually run by Oakwood hospital. The rate is $90 a night and include a separate bedroom and full kitchen (great because I'm going to have my husband make me smoothies when I'm out of the hospital). My surgery is on a Wed so we will arrive on Tues afternoon and leave the following Monday. I am also about 4 hours away in Indianapolis. I'm dreading the ride home but hope to have them give me something that will knock me out for the trip home. Please keep me updated on your surgery as mine is less than 2 weeks after yours. You can message me if you'd like. Prayers for you!!

My husband and I stayed at the Flat Rock Sleep Inn just minutes from the hospital. It's right by a gas station and the interstate and close to restaurants and grocery store. We paid $55 per night. We also brought our pizzaz so we could cook pizza, chicken strips, etc and it came with a fridge and microwave. There was also a nice walking path right outside the hotel that want for a few miles I believe. We stayed 8 nights there so I could have my consult, surgery and then stay a few days before we made the long trip back home.

He's one of the best! I'll be thinking of you.

Thank you everyone for all the good information. I talked to hospital today and it looks like I am scheduled for 1 pm on the 16th. I will keep you posted. Thank you!!

All the best of wishes kstull, sending positive vibes your way!!
(( hugs )) Mimi

Let us know how you recover!

My husband & I also stayed at Oakwood Commons. It’s very nice. You are in good hands!! I can send you more details if you like in a private message.