MVD Tomorrow

My MVD is scheduled with Dr. Casey tomorrow morning. Driving up to Detroit in a bit. I want to thank you all for the suggestions and advice on how to prepare, especially Kathy!! I will update all when I can.

Wishing you the best, and praying that God wraps his loving arms of comfort around you, and guide the doctors hands. Mine is next Thursday November 7 at Vanderbilt. I know we are both hoping to put this behind us. Prayers for lasting relief!

Remember catheter is an option!

Look forward to an elephant sitting on your head for a couple days…

It was worth it…she says 2 years later
TODAY has been two years anniversary. MVD


Keep us posted…you are in THE BEST of good hands!

My prayers are with you. You will be fine. Think positive and know that God is the real surgeon tomorrow.

Positive thoughts MyBell!
Take care of you, check in when you can.
Huge ((( hugs ))), Mimi xx

All the best with your surgery. I pray it is succesful and that healing is swift.Remember toget a stool softner and or laxative before you leave the hospital.

All the best with your surgery! I had my second one ( different side than the first) on October 14. Had the stitches out today, and am down to pain meds only once a day. Get lots of rest, and take it slowly once you are home.


Hope everything went well today. You have been on my mind and in my prayers all day!!! I know you are in awesome hands and Dr Casey will take excellent care of you. Praying for healing and a smooth recovery for you!! Let us know how you are doing, when you feel up to it.

Thinking good thoughts for you Mybell!!

Hoping everything went well. Healing thoughts sent your way. xo

good luck!!!

Thinking of you and sending good healing energy from Beautiful British Columbia.
Xo Bellalarke

Discharged from the hospital today and am doing much better. We are sticking around here for a couple more days. The nausea was horrible the first 24 hours after in ICU, almost unbearable but then went away and now just dealing with swelling and pain. I’m on an ibuprofen narcotic for that alternating with just Tylenol. It makes the pain manageable. I’ve had zero TN pain though since I woke up from surgery :). Will keep you all updated on my recovery. Thank you so much for all the prayers!!

God bless great to hear.....My prayers are with you that this will be the beginning of a pain free life

Wonderful news! Please take it easy and keep us updated as you heal.

Yay, you did it!!!Great News Marcelle, so good to hear from you. Those first few days are really rough, but it will get better and no tn pain- that’s awesome!! Take it easy, will keep you in my prayers!

Wow, sleeeeeeep some more and tell us later how it goes!

that is great news!!