MVD Surgery

I had MVD surgery on December 27,2012, I woke up about an hour after arriving in the ICU with massive pressure on the top of my head and pain in the back of my legs, everytime I moved I would retch and vomit.Still I was sent home on December 29th. After a week of the pain on the top of my head and pain in the back of my legs I went to the ER, I was put back in the hospital and after 3 days was given a blood patch, because they said I had a spinal leak.I came home the next day still with the pain in my legs, its now 18 days later and the pain in my legs is as bad as the first day. My question is has anyone else had this pain? Is it a side effect of the spinal leak? or something else? I'm not sure if I should call my surgeon or PCP? Any help is welcome


it could be the position you were in on the table. I have had sorness and or numbness from positioning. I always had to let time heal it. I would see my PCP and they can contact your surgeon via phone and that might save you an extra trip. Sorry you have had such a bad ordeal.

Please call your surgeon and your PCP immediately and speak directly with them. I have no experience with this issue personally but it certainly demands immediate attention, if only for your peace of mind. Good luck.



Hi Heather, After my MVD in 2005 my legs also hurt so horribly bad I couldn't stand it. Finally figured it out after a week in Hospital. My surgical fluid did not dissolve normally , but went down my spine. They had to do a spinal tap to remove it. Laid flat in bed for 6 hrs., the pain was then gone. I've also had the spinal fluid after a MVD in 2010, but it made my back hurt extremely bad. I can't believe that you and so many after surgery go home after a couple days. I've always had to stay 2 wks. to a month, even after a balloon surgery. Good luck to you. I feel so bad for you in so much pain.

Did they check you for any blood clots on your legs in the ER?

I had a CSF leak also. I couldn’t move without vomiting. I decided not to do a blood patch, so I was kept in the hospital for a total of 7 days until I was stable enough to go home. But I never got pain in my legs. Did they by any chance put a lumbar drain in you? Things like a lumbar drain or a spinal tap can push nerves in your back and irritate them. I’ve had leg pain from spinal taps before. I also wonder if the blood patch could also be putting pressure on the nerves and be causing pain.

Please call your surgeon immediately. Although I know nothing about your continuing pain , I feel it shouldn’t be continuing and at the same level as the first day post op.
please let us know what you find out… Take care if you, Mimi