MVD recovery times

Specifically when it comes to pain medication use. I’m now 1 week post op, left hospital Saturday afternoon and was sent home with 80 2mg pills of hydromorphone. I have enough to last until next Friday but I feel like I’ll need a refill. Recovery has been hard because I’m a mom of a 3&2 year old with no help during the day. I feel like by the end of everyday I’ve taken 3 days back in feeling better.

I have a feeling I’ll still need pain meds and I’m not sure if I should ask. Not a refill on something this strong but something stronger than OTC meds. Idk if they send you home with what you should only need.

How long was your recovery to feeling relatively pain free, at least to where Tylenol could do the trick, and what medication did you take for how long?

Sorry if this is crappy, I can’t see the post as I type for some reason.

HI Miranda,

I am wondering the same stuff. I had surgery 5 weeks ago and was of course sent home with very little of that drug. I felt like you in which I thought I wasn't going to be able to live without more. That was scary and hard to withdraw from of course. But my Drs office kept saying I will feel better when I get off of it and continue on my my normal medication. And they ended up being right. You will think more clearly. And if your mid-section hurts right now, it will for about a week when you get off that drug, because that part of your body is withdrawing from it too I guess............ Its so hard to say how soon you'll feel like you can just take Aspirin. I have had to hugely increase my meds after surgery, but of course am optimistic I will get off eventually, but I'm an unusual candidate......... Let me know when your day finally comes and you feel like you can just take aspirin.

Good look with everything,


I am 60 days post op, I am in Australia, sent home with no pain control med but a step down program from Lyrica, which did not go well(not the surgeons fault) at all but apart from that I have had no TN pain and just a mild burning sensation in the last week in my tongue, lower lip and gums. Annoying but so much better than TN that's for sure.

I am now on another slower step down plan, Lyrica is not fun and I am from 600mg daily to 250mg, 35mg Endep and 100mg Sertraline.

If there are any Australian's looking into having an MVD, Dr Lewis from Perth Neurosurgery was a legend. I do wish you guys had access to the same health system we do.