MVD question

I am all marked for surgery at 7:30 am tomorrow. Any last minutes tips are gladly appreciated.

Many people have talked about how they do not have TN pain after MVD, but I am wondering about the burning, tingling and dripping feelings. Do those go away as well?

Please advise,

Mary Beth

Good luck to you :slight_smile: please let us know how it goes! Are you typical or atypical?

Thank you, I never was actually told either or. My NS saw a blood vessel resting on the Trigeminal nerve in the MRI and said that since I am in good health that MVD would have a higher success rate than Gamma Knife. I need to be off these meds, they are incapacitating me.

What are your symptoms?

Constant burning tingling low pain with episodes that are like ice picks stabbing-ear,eye,cheek,chin ,nose, and roof of my mouth. I haven't heard any one talk about it those symptoms subside after surgery.

Is the burning in your mouth or your face? I have burning in my mouth. Wish you the best of luck

Please let me know how it goes. I want to get something done too. Just dont know which way to go. I have burning and stinging. I get shocking pain on both sides the worst is when I get throbbing pain in my left side of my neck, that brings tears.

I will for sure let yall know. I am ready to start living again!

Mostly burning in my mouth the left side more than the right.

Burning in my face. I even get a mark after a bad episode.

Jennifer Muir said:

Is the burning in your mouth or your face? I have burning in my mouth. Wish you the best of luck


still trying to figure out this site.LOL

I just had my MVD last Thursday. I have had Type 1 (typical) TN most of the time, but the pain often evolves into a burning sensation instead of the sharp jolts.

Immediately following my MVD, only the burning sensation in my lips remained. However, after another day the burning pain stopped as well. For two days now, I have had no TN pain whatsoever. I don't know if the pain is permanently gone, but I am hopefully optimistic.

Good luck, I hope everything goes well and that it’s a success.

It's been a week now since surgery. The pain is gone! Just throbbing headache and pain in the scar. This surgery is no piece of cake, to be honest, but I believe the worst is behind me.

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I’m so very happy for Mary Beth!Continue to get better! All the best…

I I’m so happy for you too! I want to get something done! The pain and noise never stops.

Why no body answers my questions?

So great to hear, Mary Beth. Try to get lots of rest, and keep us posted!

Best of luck hope you are feeling better and stronger every day!