MVD question

I had an MVD three days ago, and I haven't had any pain relief yet. My surgeon said he saw only a small vein and no arteries. For those with a successful MVD, how long did it take before you experienced pain relief?

I think you need to try and be patient. Even if the compression is removed, it can still take a while for the nerve to heal. I continued to take medication for at least two months following each of my MVD surgeries. Three days is not nearly enough time to expect much.
Get plenty of rest for the next few weeks, and let your body heal. I hope you find some relief in the near future.

Same for me, I remained on tegretol (but much lower dosage) for about 2 months following MVD. The pain felt a bit different to before as well. Hopefully you will see an improvement soon.

I had mvd on sept 11. Received immediate relief - previous at scans and Mris showed artery was discecting the nerve thus projected outcomes was good to excellent
My problem resulting from procedures is numbness on right side